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"Fashion is an exciting, dynamic, and creative form of art since it reflects and pushes cultural and social boundaries." –Jessica Hayoz

A fashion and pattern designer specializing in marketing and communication, Jessica Hayoz has worked in the fashion and design fields for many years.

Jessica Hayoz teaches Italian Fashion Design at SACI and has taught at many fashion institutes in Florence.

Her career started in Geneva where, at a young age, she opened a Concept Store together with two partners and was responsible for the Style Office, Buying Office, and Retail Management. After years of traveling between Paris, Milan, and Geneva, she moved to Florence, following her passion for art, communication, and fashion. For the last ten years, she has been teaching theory and practice related to the fashion design industry in several international institutions. She is also a freelance consultant in the field of communication and design.

Jessica Hayoz has a Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication from Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, Florence; Diploma of Fashion Design, Italian Academy of Art, Fashion & Design. She also received a Certificate of Marketing and Management from the Institute of Business and Marketing, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Teaching Philosophy
For me fashion is an exciting, dynamic and creative form of art, since it reflects and pushes cultural and social boundaries. It is a kind of self-expression, emotion and personal identity, and while it takes inspiration from the spirit of time and place, and at the same time it paradoxically constantly changes. Today the world of products and goods is increasingly having to confront itself with very sophisticate and well-informed consumers, “The new protagonist,” who is always oriented towards excellence.

The challenge for the fashion industry today depends on answering the market demand and rethinking the fashion production process in a completely sustainable way. This aspect is very important, and stimulates the new generation of future designers to be aware and conscious of the global changes of society and of the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. It is a great challenge indeed.

Through years of teaching fashion in various Institutes, I have developed a teaching methodology that focuses on the combination of technical and practical demonstrations during class exercises and discussions, workshops and visits, while encouraging the students to have an active class participation and build relationships.

My purpose is to invite the students to develop their own creativity in following both their experiences and their expressions related to the artistic as well as the cultural and social environment.

"Fashion is an exciting, dynamic, and creative form of art since it reflects and pushes cultural and social boundaries." –Jessica Hayoz

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