ITAL(IT)470 Advanced Italian, Livia Rennenkampff, Spring 2018

This course is designed for students who have a good proficiency in Italian. It offers an opportunity for students to improve their knowledge of spoken and written Italian by analyzing and discussing numerous topics and current events. It also aims at making students aware of the Italian culture from different angles.

New grammar topics will be introduced and written texts and oral presentations will be made available based on the interest of students in the class.


In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act Textbook Provision, SACI provides, when possible, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and retail price of required and recommended reading. Note:  It is not necessary to buy the textbook below because all necessary materials will be distributed in class.

Troncarelli D., La Grassa M., GrammaticAvanzata, Edilingua, Roma, 2017.
ISBN: 9788898433889 (Retail price: € 19,90)


Week 1

From Wednesday, January 10 to Thursday, January 11

Reading, writing, and discussion

Introduction to the course. Students introduce themselves and they talk about the reasons why they are studying Italian in Florence.

Grammar and syntactic review

Review of principal subordinate clauses with the indicativo. Prepositions with verbs followed by the infinitive.

Week 2

From Wednesday, January 17 to Thursday, January 18

Reading, writing, and discussion

Students talk about their knowledge of the Italian artistic heritage. Reading from “Cibo per la mente”: la cultura e gli italiani, in «Minima & Moralia» 2015. Oral comprehension of the video “Cartoline, Firenze” of Loescher.

Grammar and syntactic review

The agreement of tenses in the indicative.

Week 3

From Wednesday, January 24 to Thursday, January 25

Reading, writing, and discussion

Italian university and scientific research. Oral comprehension of Cervelli in fuga, from Mondadori Educational.

Grammar and syntactic review

Review of the congiuntivo. Conjunctions that require the use of the congiuntivo. The congiuntivo in independent clauses.

Week 4

From Wednesday, January 31 to Thursday, February 1

Reading, writing, and discussion

A brief history of Italy. Readings from L’Italia in breve 1, L’Italia in breve 2 in Italia per Stranieri. Composition: Living in Florence: pros and cons.

Grammar and syntactic review

Agreement of tenses (indicativo and congiuntivo). Review of pronominal verbs.

Week 5

From Wednesday, February 7 to Thursday, February 8

Reading, writing, and discussion

Italian regions. Dialects and regional traditions. Listening to: C. Verdone, Italians (2009) and Dialetti from Rai Cultura Italiano. Composition: Language and slang in USA.

Grammar and syntactic review

Conditional sentences (periodo ipotetico).

Week 6

From Wednesday, February 14 to Thursday, February 15

Reading, writing, and discussion

New Italians: talking about immigration and integration in Italy. Reading from Nuovi Italiani, from Italia per stranieri. Composition: Immigration and Integration in USA.

Grammar and syntactic review

Modified words e “si sperzonalizzante.”

Week 7

From Wednesday February 21 to Thursday, February 22

Reading, writing, and discussion

Italian schools and universities.

Grammar and syntactic review

Midterm exam


Week 8

MIDTERM BREAK (February 24 - March 4)


Week 9

From Wednesday, March 7 to Thursday, March 8

Reading, writing, and discussion

Traveling around Italy: Reading fromViaggio in Italia in Piazza Italia 2. Oral presentation about a visit to a city in Italy.

Grammar and syntactic review

The use of gerund, infinitive and past participle.

Week 10

From Wednesday, March 14 to Thursday, March 15

Reading, writing, and discussion

The rule of technology in our life: Reading from Suona e si accende in Piazza Italia 2.

Grammar and syntactic review

Direct and indirect speech.

Week 11

From Wednesday, March 21 to Thursday, March 22

Reading, writing, and discussion

Italian movies: Reading from Cinema in Nuovo Magari C1/C2. Composition: Write a review of an Italian movie.

Grammar and syntactic review

Review of some “difficult words”: addirittura, anzi, macché, mica.

Week 12

From Wednesday, March 28 to Thursday, March 29

Reading, writing, and discussion

Bad words and new slang in Italy. Reading from Non solo parolacce in Nuovo Magari C1/C2. Composition: What do you think about Italians?

Grammar and syntactic review

Review of relative pronouns.

Week 13

From Wednesday, April 4 to Thursday, April 5

Reading, writing, and discussion

Environment and pollution. Reading from Progetto Italiano 3.

Grammar and syntactic review

The passive form. The si passivante.

Week 14

From Wednesday, April 11 to Thursday, April 12

Reading, writing, and discussion

Studying abroad. Difference between Italian and American university students. Composition: What do you think about studying abroad? Do you suggest this experience to other students?

Grammar and syntactic review

Constructions with fare, lasciare and the infinitive. Verbs of perception.

Week 15

Wednesday, April 18
General review of the content of the course.

Thursday, April 19


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