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Italian Fashion Design


  • ARTS(FD)301 Italian Fashion Design3

    Term: Fall, Spring

    Prerequisites: None

    The main goal of this course is to give students a complete understanding of Fashion Design in Italy, covering basic techniques of design and production, as well as a historical and hands-on approach to Italy’s fashion companies. The course is structured so that each session has a theoretical section and a practical activity. Lectures are meant to direct, support and inspire students, as well as to give a greater understanding of the fashion world and a solid base for their research. Activities include: reading and writing, mannequin and figure drawing, designing, patternmaking basics, dress-making techniques, hand sewing, trips to companies and the creation of a personal portfolio with all the course work for the final exam. Students will be able to pick their portfolio and final project themes based on their personal interest in fashion and follow them back into design history, leading them to a sociological and then historical perspective, which greatly enhances a more complete and complex understanding of fashion.

    Students participate in the Without Limits project, an interdisciplinary design project developed in collaboration with Dainese's D-Air Lab. It challenges students to rethink fashion while simultaneously integrating protective technologies for the aging population.

    (See syllabus below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

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