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ITAL101 Beginning Italian: Level I, Patrizia Bonucci, Summer II 2019

This course is designed for students who are studying Italian for the first time. It is divided into two parts: theory and conversation. There will be at least two tests to evaluate how much grammar has been learned and a few short compositions.

The theoretical part of the course will be accompanied by a series of lessons dedicated exclusively to basic vocabulary and conversation, which will deal with the following topics:

  • Introducing oneself, greetings, thanking someone, and asking for forgiveness
  • Expressing emotional states and feelings
  • Inviting, accepting, declining, and asking
  • Telling a story, describing something, gathering information, knowing and not knowing
  • Asking someone to repeat or clarify something


There will be a few readings from the text book Prego! An Invitation to Italian, eighth edition. Students are encouraged to wait until they get to Florence before purchasing the Italian Language textbook. There are many copies available for check-out in the SACI Worthington Library.

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act Textbook Provision, SACI provides, when possible, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and retail price of required and recommended reading. 

Lazzarino, Graziana, Prego! An Invitation to Italian, 8th edition, McGraw Hill, 2011. (Don't purchase the workbook or CD.)
ISBN 9780073386256 (Retail price: $204.67)


Week 1

Monday, July 1; Wednesday, July 3; Friday, July 5
Alphabet and sounds
Numbers from 1 to 100
Years, seasons, months, days of the week
Nouns: gender and number
Related vocabulary
Definite and indefinite articles
Subject personal pronouns
Present indicative of the verb essere (to be)
Present indicative of the verb avere (to have)
Idiomatic expressions using avere: physical sensations, feelings, age.
Qualificative and demonstrative adjectives
C'è (there is) and com'è (how is)

Week 2

Monday, July 8; Wednesday, July 10; Friday, July 12
Present indicative of regular verbs and the most commonly used irregular verbs
Possessive adjectives
Telling time
Interrogative pronouns, adjectives and adverbs
Simple and articulated prepositions
Present perfect tense
Midterm exam (written - grammar)

Week 3

Monday, July 15; Wednesday, July 17; Friday, July 19 
Direct and indirect pronouns
The verb piacere (to like)
The difference in meaning between conoscere and sapere (to know)
Reflexive verbs. Reciprocal construction.

Week 4

Monday, July 22; Wednesday, July 24; Friday, July 26
Imperfect tense
General Review
Final Exam (written - grammar; oral - interview)

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