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Installation and Performance Art Students Exhibit at Santa Verdiana Church

SACI Installation and Performance Art students exhibit final works in This Must be the Place at the Santa Verdiana Church at the University of Florence Department of Architecture.

Students in the Installation and Performance Art course, taught by Pietro Gaglianò, recently presented their final exhibition This Must be the Place at Complesso di Santa Verdiana, a deconsecrated church at the University of Florence Department of Architecture. The diverse range of works included installations and performances created throughout the semester.

The exhibition included selected works by twelve young artists from the USA, Mexico, Colombia, and Vietnam who, in the past few months, have faced the disorientation of an experience abroad, intertwining new friendships and adapting to a strange, temporary domicile. The language of Performance Art has led them to question themselves in both the social sphere and interpersonally, and to wonder where and what “home” really is. The projects presented were the result of a long training which engaged them in many trials, both in class and in the public space. The resulting actions and installations became personal interpretations of the sense of living in the world and of how to build a personal home, knowing that they cannot do so without understanding and welcoming others.

The event This Must be the Place was realized in collaboration with Teatro Studio Krypton, a historical theater company focused on cross-disciplinary languages and promotion of young artists.

“Man's real home is not a house, but the road,
and that life itself is a journey to be walked on foot.”
- Bruce Chatwin

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