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#Insieme200: SACI Conservation & Art History Departments Collaborate with U.S. Consulate for Bicentennial

The SACI Conservation Department collaborates with the U.S. Consulate to restore paintings in celebration of 200 years of the Consulate's presence in Florence.

2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the United States Consulate’s establishment in the city of Florence. For #Insieme200 (#Together200), a celebration of this anniversary, the SACI Conservation Department is collaborating with the consulate to restore two paintings: Still Life and Landscape, which decorate the walls of the Canevaro Palace, the seat of the Consulate in Florence. The restoration project, led by SACI instructors Dr. Roberta LapucciNora Marosi, and Alice Parri, gives SACI the chance to participate in the events celebrating this important milestone.

Starting in the fall, SACI MA in Art History students and SACI instructors Maria Antonia Rinaldi and Alice Parri have been carrying out art history research on several paintings in the Consulate, as well as conducting research on the history of the architecture of the Canevaro Palace and the families that owned the palace before it was acquired as the seat of the U.S. Consulate General in Florence.

On Friday, April 5th, U.S. Consul General Benjamin Wohlauer visited the SACI Gallery at Palazzo dei Cartelloni to see the two paintings being restored and to hear from SACI students and instructors about the restoration process. He was also able to view other artworks restored by SACI Conservation students in an exhibition open to the public.

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