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INSIDE by Adrien Broom Opens September 6 at SACI NY Gallery

INSIDE, a photography exhibition by Adrien Broom, SACI Spring 2003 alumna, opens September 6 at 6PM at the SACI New York Gallery.

ARTIST TALK: November 8, 6PM-7PM
ON VIEW: September 6 – November 14, 2018
SACI New York Gallery
454 W 19th St, New York, NY

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Adrien Broom is an image-maker and visual storyteller. As a photographer, fine artist, and set designer, Adrien infuses a sense of magic and wonder into the images she creates.

Adrien uses the medium of photography to enact her artistic vision; however, she approaches it from a cinematic point of view, finding a location, sourcing material, and building an environment for her actor to inhabit. Her artistic practice resembles the working methodology of Gregory Crewdson to a degree, but from a more sculptural and surreal direction. Her imagery has echoes of Tim Walker’s photography in the fantastical compositions she creates. Whether she is building elaborate sets or relying on the beauty of the natural world, Adrien creates images that are familiar, otherworldly, and fantastical with a touch of foreboding.

Adrien has an affinity towards capturing images of women as mothers, daughters, sisters, and children. In this way, she explores the perception of feminine familial roles. Her photographs examine the contrast between adulthood and childhood, as well as nature and fantasy. Balancing these dichotomies is an underlying motif in the majority of her work.

Something that should be visually obvious from her work is how she draws influence stylistically from the Surrealist movement. Many of her compositions find their inspiration in mythology and folklore.

Although her work bears similarities to that of Crewdson, Walker, Annie Liebovitz, Jerry Uelsmann, and even a touch of Lewis Carroll’s photographs, the majority of her influences in terms of individual artists primarily come from the world of painting and illustration rather than photography, some of which include Caravaggio, Edward Hopper, David Lynch, John Singer Sargent, John William Waterhouse, Arthur Rackham, and David Wiesner.

This series of images entertains many of the aforementioned themes and working methodologies; however, this body of work is specifically aimed at discussing connection. Whether the subjects are in pairs or solitary, the figures appear lost in thought but wanting to find both a tangible and emotional connection with their surroundings. The models are often important people in Adrien’s life, usually family members or friends. Her connection with these individuals helps guide the scene and the narrative within each image.

In general, Adrien creates narratives that center around a woman’s need, her need, to connect with others, and how that experience or lack thereof can resonate with an individual. In regarding both male and female relationships, it is apparent how ‘seeking kinship’ drives social interactions. Adrien attempts to represent the interplay between loneliness and connectedness that affect us all through the lens of a dreamscape and the context of belief in one’s own inner strength.

 – Brianna Hayes, SACI New York Gallery and Admissions Manager

About the Artist

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Adrien Broom spent her childhood in Lyme, Connecticut, before moving to Boston in 1998, where she attended Northeastern University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation in 2002.

She continued her exploration of the fine arts at the Studio Arts College International (SACI) in Florence in 2003, followed by studies in Fine and Decorative Art History at Christie’s London until 2006. Although she has taken some art classes at Rhode Island School of art and design, Adrien prides herself on being a self-taught photographer.

Adrien now resides and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has been covered in publications such as the New York TimesHuffington Post, and Smithsonian Magazine, among others.

View more of Adrien's work on her website.

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