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Important Housing Reminders

PLEASE remember that utilities (water, electricity, gas) are much more expensive in Italy. Remember to always turn off lights when you leave the room. Your rent includes utilities, but excessive use of utilities will be deducted from the housing deposits of all roommates.

PLEASE be aware that the City of Florence has strict rules regarding the disposal of garbage. Instructions are clearly posted inside each student apartment, and may differ according to the apartment's location. You will be held responsible for any fines received due to improper handling of garbage.

PLEASE leave the apartment clean, leave all spare linen upon your departure, replace any damaged objects and return all furniture to its original place. Remember that any cleaning charges will be deducted from the housing deposits of all housemates.

PLEASE do not label your keys with the address of the apartment on them...if you lose them, anyone who finds them will know just where and how to get into your apartment.

PLEASE note that Italian houses are cooler in the winter than American ones. This is NOT a reason to turn the heating up at all times: instead of boosting your utilities expenses, we suggest wearing warmer clothes in the house than what you may be used to at home. Also, remember to always keep windows closed when the heat is turned on and to never leave windows open when you go out (due to burglars, wind, etc.).

PLEASE do not make noise at night. This is the number one complaint that we get from neighbors, and we have lost many central apartments because of this. In Italy there is a law stating that no noise can be made after 11 pm. Please remember this, and know that your neighbors will call the police if noise is made (this includes dinner parties, walking with hard soled shoes, etc.). This is not because they want to be mean, but because most of the people living in apartments in Italy are families and people who have to get up for work in the morning. You will probably notice that noise is heard very easily through the walls. Please respect your neighbors' rights to a decent night's sleep and do not make noise after 11 pm.

PLEASE do not have guests sleep over. The housing declaration made to the police accounts only for those of you registered through SACI. If you plan on having friends visit you during your stay in Florence, ask one of the SACI staff for a suggestion of a good, student-budget hotel. Please note also that if you have guests, your utilities increase, and this will be deducted from the housing deposits of all roommates.

PLEASE notify the Housing Director of any damage made to an apartment. Unless a statement signed by at least half of the roommates of those who damaged the apartment is submitted to the Housing Director, the cost of cleaning, painting, fixing/replacing broken objects, or changing locks due to missing keys will be equally deducted from the housing deposits of all housemates.


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