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Il Filo degli Altri -The Filo of the Others by Lorenzo Pezzatini

Ines Lenz

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Cristina Barber

The Filo of the Others (Il Filo degli Altri)

an exhibition-in-progress by Lorenzo Pezzatini

January 4-18, 2018 at SACI Gallery

Closing reception on January 18, 2018 at 6pm

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 1-7pm

Since 1977 SACI faculty emeritus Lorenzo Pezzatini has been working in a medium of his own creation, the FILO, an uninterrupted ‘thread’ made of blue, yellow and red acrylic paint. For the last forty years the Filo has been his life companion in adventures of many shapes and sizes. For The Filo of the Others, the artist will exhibit new works by friends, former students and fellow artists inspired by the FILO.

Participants featured in the exhibition were invited through an open call to contribute a painting, a drawing, a photograph, a print, a video, a sculpture, an object, a text, or anything that shows a tangible sign of care and love that ties them to the memory of FILO.  

"I have always understood that when Filo enters the hand, the mind, and the imagination of others it has the power to open pathways for new connections, serving as a catalyst for the creative process. I would like for this show to be a special occasion to open further dialogue between all those who have encountered the Filo through the years and have transformed it in their own way, to show its great disruptive potential." -Lorenzo Pezzatini 

The exhibition will open on January 4 with a collection of works donated by friends and former students over the past 30 years. As more works arrive over the following two weeks, they will also be added to the show.  At the closing reception on January 18, all the submitted works will be on view. The show will be on view through January 20, 2018.


SACI Gallery

Via Sant'Antonino 11

Florence, Italy

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 1-7pm

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