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ID117 Beginning Interior Design, Daniele Bedini, Spring 2020

Course Project

Tiny Student House
Advanced concepts for an eco-sustainable tiny container-like house for students


Urban and/or natural environments


Week 1

Tuesday, January 14
Lecture 01: Introduction and presentation of the course (Interior Design and its multidisciplinary aspects, Tiny houses concept + container’s dimensions)

Students Introduction to 1st assignment:
A: Site survey in metric system - container’s dimensions
B: research on Eco-sustainable tiny houses + flexible/transformable interiors

Start work in class

Proceed with research

Thursday, January 16
Lecture 02: Meaning of eco-sustainable tiny houses, eco-sustainable interiors, and how to apply the concept to a student's house.
+ How to draw.

Work in class: Start drawing floor plans 1:20 with Tutor

Proceed with assignment

Week 2

Tuesday, January 21
5-minute student presentations about research on sustainable materials and TINY HOUSES
Continue work in class/house project (drawings).

Essay: Styles, materials & colors in interior design and its effect on the project + Think about Strategy and Identity.

Thursday, January 23
Continue work in class: drawings

Homework: Proceed with assignment:
Design survey - analyzing different tiny living spaces

Week 3

Tuesday, January 28
Work in class
: draw plan, 1:20 scale and 1:20 sections/elevations of your ‘container house’

Preparing assignment for presentation/ INTERIM REVIEW 01

Proceed with project

Thursday, January 30
INTERIM REVIEW 01: Presentation of Tiny House Container’s plans/sections, class discussion and critic

Work in class: start with sketches

Homework: Research about Tiny Houses - Proceed with project

Week 4

Tuesday, February 04
Lecture 03: TINY HOUSES + Defining your style, colors and textures and Compose a Concept Board (mood)

Work in class: work on Concept Board images and color scheme

Homework: Tiny House: Continue planning the space + work on client’s (student) profile, research on advanced multi-functional spaces – research with particular attention to eco-friendly/transformable design

Thursday, February 06
Work in class: continue to sketch interior.

Homework : Proceed with project of the Tiny House

Week 5

Tuesday, February 11
INTERIM REVIEW 02: Presentations of CONCEPT BOARD + plan, class discussion and critic

Work in class: Continue work on project

Thursday, February 13
Work in class:
Continue work on project

Essay: Form follows function or function follows form, write your personal view on the subject w.r.t. TINY HOUSES

Week 6

Tuesday, February 18
Lecture 05: Ergonomy, templates + start to sketch interiors
Continue work in class: draw tiny house plan, 1:20 scale and 1 section

Thursday, February 20
Work in class: Tutorials - last review of first part of the project

Continue work on project: interior + furniture design

Week 7

Tuesday, February 25
Lecture 04: Advanced multifunctional/transformable spaces + transformable furniture + how to draw (cont.)

Work in class: Tutorials on first part of the project

Finish and print projects

Thursday, February 27
INTERIM REVIEW 03: Presentations and class critiques
Midterm evaluations, group and personal



Week 8

MIDTERM BREAK (February 29 - March 08)



Week 9

Tuesday, March 10
Lecture 06: Tech and Architectural Lighting for residential + start to design final interiors + model

Work in class: on developing layout and furniture - Start MODEL

Continue work on project

Thursday, March 12
Presenting Draft MODEL

Work in class: Work on Floor plan 1:20 and furniture + draft elevation

Continue work on project

Week 10

Tuesday, March 17
Continue work in class/model

Start with lighting project + Model

Thursday, March 19
Draft review of project - class critique and discussion + model

Week 11

Tuesday, March 24
Start work on presentation of final project – by hand or Photoshop and graphic programs and finish the model for Interim review 04 - Continue work on model

Continue work on project

Thursday, March 26
INTERIM REVIEW 04: Design Development + Model

Work in class: Continue to draw finals

Week 12

Tuesday, March 31
Lecture 07: Finishings & Sourcing + Sample Board

Continue work on project – introduce lightings in plans and elevations

Thursday, April 02
Continue work in class on presentation of final project and Sample board

Homework: Total Design development - Finish all drawings and model

Week 13

Tuesday, April 07
Work in class; sample board composition

Thursday, April 09

Work in class: Selection of Drawings

Last review of final project, class critique and discussion

Week 14

Tuesday, April 14
Finish final project + Model + Prepare panels x exhibition

Proceed with final assignment

Thursday, April 16
Exhibition installation

Proceed with project

Week 15

Tuesday, April 21
Start to finish Final Presentation

Thursday, April 23
FINAL PRESENTATION eco-sustainable students tiny house in a container

Group review with guest critique (Guest critique - to be announced)


Grading is based on attendance, effort, improvement, and demonstration of knowledge gained through the course.

Graduate Students
​Students in MFA, MA, and Post-Bac programs are expected to produce work at a level appropriate for students in a graduate program. They are required to additionally complete an in-depth study on one of the assigned topics by writing a short paper and by making a visual slideshow presentation in class. If they successfully complete all course requirements for graduate students, they will receive graduate-level credit for the course.

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