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ID117 Beginning Interior Design, Daniele Bedini, Fall 2019

Smart Pavilion + Tiny Student House

Advanced concepts for eco-sustainable pavilion + tiny house for students.


Urban environments


Week 1

Tuesday, September 10
Lecture 01: Introduction and presentation of the course (Interior Design and its multidisciplinary aspects, Smart Pavilion + Tiny houses dimensions)

Students Introduction to 1st assignment:
A: Site survey in metric system
B: research on Eco-sustainable pavilion + tiny houses + flexible/transformable interiors

Start work in class

Proceed with research

Thursday, September 12
Lecture 02: meaning of eco-sustainable pavilion + tiny houses, eco-sustainable interiors and how to apply the concept to a student house.
How to draw.

Start Drawing floor plans 1:20 with Tutor

Proceed with assignment
Essay: work on smart pavilion + its contents

Week 2

Tuesday, September 16
5-minute presentation about research (smart pavilion)
Continue work in class/ pavilion project

Essay: Styles, materials & colors in interior design and its effect on pavilion project

Thursday, September 19
Continue work in class: Pavilion project.

Proceed with assignment: to specify Strategy and Identity.
Design survey - analyzing different tiny living spaces

Week 3

Tuesday, September 24
Work in class: draw plan, 1:20 scale and 1/2 section of the pavilion

Preparing assignment for presentation/ INTERIM REVIEW 01

Proceed with project

Thursday, September 26
INTERIM REVIEW 01: Presentation of PAVILION CONCEPT + plans/sections, class discussion and critique

Proceed with project

Week 4

Tuesday, October 1
Lecture 03: Defining your style, colors and textures and Compose a Concept Board (mood)

Work in class:
Final delivery of Pavilion projects
5-minute presentation about research on Tiny Houses

Tiny House: Continue planning the space + work on client’s (student) profile, research on advanced multi-functional spaces – research with particular attention to eco-friendly/transformable design

Thursday, October 03

Proceed with project of the Tiny House

Week 5

Tuesday, October 08

Continue work on project

Thursday, October 10

Essay: Form follows function or function follows form, write your personal view on the subject w.r.t. TINY HOUSES

Week 6

Tuesday, October 15
Lecture 04: Advanced multifunctional/transformable spaces + transformable furniture + how to draw (cont.)
INTERIM REVIEW 02: Presentations of CONCEPT BOARD + plan, class discussion and critique
Continue work in class: draw tiny house plan, 1:20 scale and 1 section

Thursday, October 17
Lecture 05: Ergonomy, templates + start to sketch interiors
Work in class: Tutorials - last review of first part of the project

Continue work on project: interior + furniture design

Week 7

Tuesday, October 22
Tutorials: of first part of the project

Finish and print projects

Thursday, October 24
INTERIM REVIEW 03: Presentations and class critiques
Midterm evaluations, group and personal



Week 8

MIDTERM BREAK (October 26 - November 3)



Week 9

Tuesday, November 5
Lecture 06: Tech and Architectural Lighting for residential + start to design final interiors
Work in class on developing layout and furniture

Continue work on project

Thursday, November 07
Presenting Draft MODEL
Work on Floor plan 1:20 and furniture + draft elevation

Continue work on project

Friday, November 08
Work in class: work on model

Week 10

Tuesday, November 12
Continue work in class/model

Start with lighting project + Model

Thursday, November 14
Draft review of project - class critique and discussion + model

Week 11

Tuesday, November 19
Start work on presentation of final project – by hand or Photoshop and graphic programs and finish the model for Interim review 04 - Continue work on model

Continue work on project

Thursday, November 21
INTERIM REVIEW 04: Design Development + Model
Work in class



Week 12

Tuesday, November 26
Lecture 07: Finishings & Sourcing + Sample Board
Continue work on project – introduce lightings in plans and elevations

Thursday, November 28
Continue work in class on presentation of final project and Sample board

Total Design development
Finish all drawings and model

Friday, November 29
Work in class: Drawings final layout

Week 13

Tuesday, December 3
Work in class; sample board composition

Thursday, December 5
Work in class: Selection of Drawings
Last review of final project, class critique and discussion.

Week 14

Tuesday, December 10
Finish final project + Model

Proceed with final assignment

Thursday, December 12
Start to finish Final Presentation

Proceed with project

Week 15

Tuesday, December 17
Printing presentations for SACI students + exhibition installation

Thursday, December 19
FINAL PRESENTATION eco-sustainable students tiny house
Group review with guest critique (Guest critique - to be announced)



Grading is based on attendance, effort, improvement, and demonstration of knowledge gained through the course.

Graduate Students
​Students in MFA, MA, and Post-Bac programs are expected to produce work at a level appropriate for students in a graduate program. They are required to additionally complete an in-depth study on one of the assigned topics by writing a short paper and by making a visual slideshow presentation in class. If they successfully complete all course requirements for graduate students, they will receive graduate-level credit for the course.

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