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Human Zoochosis: Post-Bac Alum Ben Garst Exhibits at Alexander/Heath Contemporary Gallery

Detail of painting from Human Zoochosis

SACI Post-Bac in Studio Art alum Ben Garst exhibits Human Zoochosis at Alexander/Heath Gallery in Roanoke, Virginia.

Ben Garst, 2016 SACI Post-Bac in Studio Art alum, recently exhibited a large-scale, one-person exhibition at Alexander/Heath Contemporary Gallery in Roanoke, VA.

Human Zoochosis is about questions and answers, actor and observer, looking and being looked at. The series consists of 16 freeform, pareidolic portraits made through acts of anti-mimicry of the AbEx action painting of Jackson Pollock. In it, Ben constructs a new modality of representational abstract forms exploring the relationship between actor and observer. The exhibition was on view at Alexander/Heath Contemporary from August 3rd through August 31st, 2018.

Originally from Virginia, Ben moved to Florence in 2015 to study art at SACI and dedicate himself to painting. This experience illuminated him to the world of art in an irrevocable way and contextualized the difference between European and American fine art. Since his return to the United States, he has dedicated himself to studying 20th-century American art starting with the post WWII AbEx movement. Thematically, his work concerns the human condition in the information era, attempting to reconcile biology with technology, and seeing how the latter affects our psychology.

Ben attended the Post-Bac in Studio Art program at SACI in 2015-16. His work has been shown in institutions throughout Italy and the United States including Palazzo Vecchio, The British Institute of Florence, Studio Arts College International, and Roanoke’s Taubman Museum of Fine Art. In Spring 2018, Ben participated in Il Filo degli Altri -The Filo of the Others exhibition held at the SACI Gallery. He currently works from in his studio in Roanoke.

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