"Hobby vs. Obbligo" by Muna Mussie Opens Wednesday, February 12 in the SACI Gallery | SACI College of Art & Design Florence


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"Hobby vs. Obbligo" by Muna Mussie Opens Wednesday, February 12 in the SACI Gallery

Muna Mussie, Estero

Muna Mussie, Milite ignoto

"Hobby vs. Obbligo" by Muna Mussie opens Wednesday, February 12 in the SACI Gallery.

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, February 12 at 6pm
ON VIEW: February 12 - March 8, 2020

Hobby vs. Obbligo is an exhibition by Muna Mussie dedicated to the contrasting understanding of travel as a luxury and travel as a survival tactic. A haunting video work, addressing national monuments of memory and their non static significance, and a series of works that use embroidery as a language that explores collective conversations and the abstraction of geography, which come together in a socio-political moment of forced migration. The exhibition draws upon the theme of the 5th edition of Black History Month Florence, OBBLIGATO (Constrained), by pushing the viewer to meditate upon a multiplicity of parallel narratives that are distant from each other in their conceptions of need vs. desire and obligation vs. option.

Muna Mussie's work includes gestures, visions, and words, and investigates the expressive languages of the scenic and the performing arts, giving a physical form to the tension that arises between different expressive poles. Among her productions are Più che piccola, media (2007), Con Permesso (2008), site specific project Galata Perform Istanbul, Ti ho sognato, ma non eri il protagonista (2010). She is the creator, along with with Flavio Favelli, of the FFMM clothing collection (2007-2009).

Mussie's international projects include Monkey See, Monkey Do (Chapter I-II, 2011-2012); other works include installation and performance Milite Ignoto (2015) and the performance Oasi (2018), which investigate phantasmal apparitions and minor history. Among her object-oriented interventions is the project Punteggiatura (2018), based on the practice of sewing, which sees the language as a political-affective space.

Her work has been presented at Art Fall / PAC Ferrara, Raum and Live Arts Week Bologna, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Turin, Marino Marini Museum Florence, Workspace Brussels, MAMbo Bologna, Màntica Cesena, Santarcangelo Festival, Viafarini Milano, Ipercorpo Festival, Museion Bolzano, Festival Pergine Spettacolo, Sale Docks Venice, and ERT Bologna.

Awards: Riccione TTV-Pier Vittorio Tondelli / New Talents 2008 Award, special mention Iceberg Award 2009, Mondo Award 2010.

The exhibition "Hobby vs. Obbligo" is a collaboration between Black History Month Florence, Villa Romana Florence, and Studio Arts College International.

Photos: Diego De Franchis

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