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Laukitis, 2011

Co-founder of Salmon Sisters, an Alaska-based outdoor clothing company, Emma Teal found her calling in clothing design after learning screen printing at SACI.

SACI Fall 2011 alumna Emma Teal and her sister Claire have taken the world by storm with their outdoor clothing line Salmon Sisters, inspired by their lives as Alaskan fishermen. The sisters run their business from the boat in the summers and from land during the winter season. They currently have two brick and mortar shops in Homer and Seward, Alaska, that opened in summer 2018. Emma and Claire and their company have been featured in the 2018 Microsoft Surface Go Tablet commercialOutside Magazine, and Vogue.

Emma grew up on a remote homestead in Western Alaska in the Aleutian Islands, and commercial fished with her family through high school and college. She attended Williams College, graduating in 2013, where she studied English and Studio Art and won four national championships with her rowing team. In 2011, Emma traveled to Italy to study at SACI, where she learned screen printing and made the first design for Salmon Sisters. The print, an image of a rockfish, is still included in the Salmon Sisters' product line today! Missing the ocean while studying in Florence, it was at that point that Emma began making the Yellow Eye Rockfish-inspired shirts that birthed Salmon Sisters and continue to be a staple of the brand.

Emma attended graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle to earn a Master of Design degree and graduated in the spring of 2018. She recently bought a boat of her own with her fiancé Jacob, and still commercial fishes for salmon and halibut in Alaska during the summers.

About Salmon Sisters

Original designs by two young Alaskan fishermen, born and inspired by the wilderness of Alaska and the sustainable fisheries of the North Pacific. Salmon Sisters products are designed in Alaska, inspired by nautical tradition, and made for a community of fishermen, adventurers, and ocean-enthusiasts. Salmon Sisters strives to make their garments the ones you dress up and dress down, get dirty and wear holes through, because they’re just too cool and comfy to take off. For every product sold, Salmon Sisters donates one can of wild salmon to the Food Bank of Alaska.

The sisters have created a dynamic partnership, and with it work to creatively advance awareness of the role of wild sustainable seafood in our food chain. Every design Salmon Sisters makes is inspired by the sisters’ deep love for the ocean, their reverence for the fish that have fed and supported their family, and a hope that they can spread awareness for the future of sustainable fisheries.

Learn more about Salmon Sisters.

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