“Dolcezza porge e gran diletto” on view in the SACI Gallery through February 7, 2017 | SACI College of Art & Design Florence


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“Dolcezza porge e gran diletto” on view in the SACI Gallery through February 7, 2017

Shapes, Colours, Sounds and Symbols for an Imaginary Stage

January 5-February 7, 2017
OPENING: January 19 at 6:00 pm

Sculptures by Lisa Nocentini
Musical performance by
Lucia Sciannimanico, voice
Gian Luca Lastraioli, lute
Direction and lighting by John Hoenig

SACI Gallery – SACI
Via Sant’Antonino, 11, Firenze
T 055 240 910 gallery@saci-florence.edu
Open Monday – Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday and Sunday, 1-7pm

This multimedia event combines visual art and music with an installation of ceramic and mixed media sculptures created by SACI 3D Area Head Lisa Nocentini and a live performance of Renaissance music performed by SACI Sound Art instructor and lutenist Gian Luca Lastraioli and mezzosoprano Lucia Sciannimanico.

The gallery space and the positioning of the pieces of the installation allow the musical performers to interact both physically and symbolically with the sculptures, thus creating a theatrical dimension that brings the sculpted characters to life.

The starting point of the project, originally commissioned by The Festa della Cultura San Giovanni Battista, are ten arias and madrigals for lute and voice composed in the late 16th century by the Florentine musician Cosimo Bottegari: a brilliant musical entertainer (at times ironic and facetiously erotic, at times irresistibly comical, at times passionately dramatic) Bottegari, almost a Renaissance stand-up comedian, was also one of the main figures at the service of the Medici Court around the end of the 16th century.

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