Design Internship


  • ARTS489 Design Internship3

    Term: Fall, Spring, Late Spring

    Prerequisites: Completion of advanced-level course in area of internship

    For advanced design students, highly selective design internships are possible in the following areas:
    Graphic Design
    Interior Design
    Lighting Design
    Product Design

    - home institution’s approval
    - completion of at least one advanced-level course in the proposed area of the internship

    If you meet these requirements, please email the SACI Registrar a statement indicating:
    - the term in which you intend to study at SACI
    - your home institution and your background in the proposed internship area
    - why you would like to undertake an internship in that area while at SACI
    - please include a resume and attach your portfolio (when attachments are large files, please break down and send as more than one smaller email).

    The Registrar will confirm receipt of these materials and will arrange for the appropriate supervisor to review them. If you do not receive confirmation, it means that your email did not go through; this could happen when the attachments are large.

    Students are considered for the Design Internship when the Registrar receives their materials, and the New York Admissions Office receives the General Program Deposit following admission to the program. Design Internship opportunities are limited. Students interested in this opportunity should contact the Registrar as soon as possible and indicate a backup course in case the internship cannot be arranged.

    Graduate Students
    ​Students in MFA, MA, and Post-Bac programs are expected to complete additional assignments and to produce work at a level appropriate for students in a graduate program. They are graded accordingly and, if they successfully complete all course requirements for graduate students, receive graduate-level credit for the course.

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