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Dejan Atanackovic and Filipe Rocha da Silva Recently Published

Dejan Atanackovic has recently published a novel in his native Serbian language titled Luzitanija (paperback, 214 pages, published by Besna Kobila, Belgrade, 2017, ISBN: 978-86-88389-12-9). Dejan teaches SACI’s courses of Digital MultimediaBody Archives, and Art, Mind, & Diversity.

In the the book, Sir Thomas Lipton, traveling through the occupied Serbia during World War I in the company of the Red Cross, encounters a strange utopian state created on the territory of the Belgrade psychiatric hospital. Mr. Teofilović, a Serbian immigrant in New York, survives the sinking of an ocean liner, and on his way to Belgrade wanders through the trenches of the Western Front and the underground tunnels, led by unusual guides. A taxidermist in the service of the Kingdom of Serbia, Vasilije Arnot, falling out of favor and fleeing from Belgrade under an incomprehensible threat, observes the mysterious contents of the Florentine Museum of Natural Sciences. In the midst of the Balkan War, Nestor, a recruited artist, in search of his lost troops, roams the forests of Serbia while burying piece by piece a skeleton of an unknown victim. Searching for her missing father, Elisabeth, a young American of Serbian origin, faces the hidden history of her family. Intertwined stories that make up the fabric of this novel – stories about travels, wanderings, transformations and disappearance – converge and intersect in the rooms, the hallways and the courtyard of the world’s smallest state, based on the deepest and most unequal conflict – the conflict of progress and madness.

Read the interview on Versopolis, European Review of Poetry, Books, and Culture. The book is available directly from the publisher and on Amazon.

Filipe Rocha da Silva, SACI MFA in Studio Art Program Director and SACI Alum (Fall 1981), was recently published in the new book, Ecologia da Imagem e Dos Media, Arte e tecnologia: práticas e estéticas (Editora Licorne, Portugal, 2017). In Filipe’s contribution, “Painting the Truth? Circumbendibus on the Reasons Why Painters Keep Painting,” he writes about artist Mark Tansey. The book is available directly from the publisher and available for loan in the SACI Library.

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