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Cocoa Laney and Margareta Skold Featured in FUL Magazine

Cocoa Laney and Margareta Skold, second-year students in the MFA in Photography program at SACI, are featured in the latest issue of FUL (Firenze Urban Lifestyle) Magazine.

Images from two photographic series by SACI MFA in Photography students Cocoa Laney and Margareta Skold are featured in the latest issue of FUL Magazine, a publication focusing on art and culture in Florence, Italy. The article, "Passi e Silenzi" (steps and silences), reflects upon their time in Florence and the unique ways in which the two have come to view their new home. The photographs both convey their intensive research from the past last year and a half and hint of the works we will see from them throughout the next few months. 

In April 2018, Cocoa and Margareta will exhibit their final projects in a thesis exhibition representing the accumulation of their research in the two-year program. The date and location of the exhibition is yet to be announced. 

Cocoa Laney

Cocoa Laney is an American student who came to SACI after working as a commercial photographer in Alabama and Florida. During her first year in Italy, her work mostly concerned street photography that served as visual diary of day-to-day life in the Florence city center. Her street photos venture to capture both the ordinary and the extraordinary aspects of the city she now calls home.

Cocoa is now focused on longer-term documentary projects regarding social issues in Tuscany. She works in both analog and digital processes.

Margareta Skold

«We fell silent again. The thing we had shared was nothing more than a fragment of time that had died long ago. Even so, a faint glimmer of that warm memory still claimed a part of my heart». Haruki Murakami

When I visit empty spaces, I stop. I listen to the moment. I hear the music of the fragment of time that did not die, but that lingers on through the presence of those who have inhabited the space.

«Where does this music come from?» I ask aloud. A silent voice replies. «You hear my music because you have found a quiet place that only you know, where you can come and spend a moment with me. I will wait for you here and I will always play for you».

Following many years of professional commitment and fulfillment in International Health, Margareta Skold decided to pursue an MFA in Photography to explore forms of expression and creativity inspired by colour, texture, light and silence. Once in Florence, she was guided by a longing to just be… and listen. What she heard was the voice of spaces, some abandoned, some empty and some closed, calling her away from the overwhelming beauty and intensity of Florence.


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