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Body Archives: Special Topics in Studio Art


  • ARTS(FB)400 Body Archives: Special Topics in Studio Art3

    Term: Fall, Spring

    Prerequisites: None

    All cultures and époques have produced their own scientific, aesthetic or symbolic image of the human body and Florence has given some important contributions to the history of its representation. This course is based on observation, study and creative response to the body-related iconographic context in Florence. It proposes an introduction to scientific museum collections that, since the 1700s, formed our ideas about body and identity that had its consequences throughout the 20th century and in our time. Through lectures, field trips and studio time, the tasks of the course will be the gaining of a specific knowledge, creating a direct theme-based contact with the city, and the production of practical work. The field trips include visits and talks as well as specific assignments inside the museums of Natural History, Anthropology and others. The methods of work may include a variety of media - drawing, painting, collage, photography, video, sound, and the keeping of a “visual diary.” The course is offered to students at all levels of study who are open to explore a diversity of methods, iconographies and displays in search of the “body of our time.”

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