ARTS301 Intermediate Sculpture, Alli Hoag, Summer I 2019 | SACI College of Art & Design Florence

ARTS301 Intermediate Sculpture, Alli Hoag, Summer I 2019

The aim of this class is to gather inspiration from the visual wealth of Florence and express oneself through sculptural practices. In the context of the extraordinary Italian art available in Florence, both historical and contemporary, each student will be encouraged to find his/her own preferences and develop his/her own sensibilities.

Course Assignments

Assignments will be rooted in technical development in various mold making processes and basic mixed media fabrication, while celebrating the vast wealth of inspiration that is Florence.

1st Project: Physical Translation II  - In this project, you will learn to make an alginate and rubber mold of one-two objects, and make at least 3 casts from the mold(s) to translate the form in a novel way. Things to investigate are partial casts, different materials, and modes of presentation. The end effect should provide the viewer with a surprising and visually intriguing new definition of an everyday object.

2nd Project: Surrealist Object – Looking to the Surrealists’ relationship to objects both exotic and mundane and how a surrealist object functions, we will scour the city for unique treasures, take field trips to the wonderful and bizarre La Specola, and utilize fabrication techniques and further our mold making knowledge to create strange objects that elicit an uncanny or visceral reaction and defy definition.
Intermediate students will create work that is a chimera of found, molded and sculpted form.


The instructor will provide the following readings:

  • Salvador Dali, “The Object as Reveled in Surrealist Experiment”
  • Excerpts from André Breton, Mad Love

Assignments should be described with multiple sketches (i.e. quick drawings in charcoal, pencil or any other expressive 2D technique that allow for a fast execution of an intuitive process), including a few written lines about concept and materials. The instructor is not looking for an artist statement, but desires to know the personal expressive potentials of the student


Attendance is required, absences will affect your grade: two unexcused absences result in a lowering of the grade by 1/3 of a letter; two late arrivals to class are considered the equivalent of one unexcused absence; refer to SACI Student Handbook.


1) Your grade will be affected by two unexplained absences.
2) Be on time for class: The assignment will often be explained at the beginning.
3) If you know that you will be absent on a given date you should notify the instructor ahead of time.

Studio Rules

It is essential that you leave your work space clean and functional for the next class. STORE your work on the shelves, NOT ON WORK TABLES. DO NOT POUR PLASTER DOWN THE DRAIN IN THE SINK OR DOWN THE TOILET. This will clog the plumbing.

Only sculpture students are allowed in the sculpture facilities. Tools are not allowed out of the studio without special permission. Return all tools to their appropriate place in the tool cabinets.

The sculpture studios have two air-exchange systems—one for ventilation of dust from plaster and the other for ventilation of dust from marble and stone. When working in the studios the air-exchange systems must be utilized for maintaining proper ventilation and extraction of undesirable fumes and odors. The control panels are located on the walls of the studios. Once the ventilation is turned on, it will run for 30 minutes. A timer will then shut it down.

Click here for a pdf of a more comprehensive list of Sculpture Studio Rules.

General Safety & Emergency Instructions

Click here for a pdf of SACI's General Safety & Emergency instructions.

Evaluation & Grading

Evaluation is determined by the commitment to quality in the completion of two assignments and attendance.

A: Two pieces finished and complete

A- to B: Two pieces with only one of them complete

B- to C(F): One (or none=F) assignment completed


Week 1

Studio use and materials
Introduce first Project: Physical Translation &Collaboration/Intervention with Chance, Time or Place
Project Demo: Plaster Mold and Alginate mold
Meander Assignment
Reading discussion

Related Field Trips:
May 22:  Archeological Museum and Giardino di Firenze

Week 2

Project Demo: Rubber Mold and Non Traditional Casting materials
Individual Meetings

Related Field Trips:
Boboli Gardens May 29
Galleria dell'Accademia May 31

Week 3

Working On Project 1
Introduce Project 2 : Surrealist Object

Related Field Trips:
Sant'Ambrogio Market June 3
La Specola June 5

Week 4

Working on Project 1 and Project 2

Week 5

Finishing Work/ Documentation
Final Class Critique
Final Individual Critique

Packing work

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