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ARTS202 Principles of Typography, Dusko Stojanovic, Fall 2019


Week 1

Tuesday, Sept 10
Self presentation Lecture : TYPO. INTRODUCTION / Research 1

Friday, Sept 13

Week 2

Tuesday, Sept 17
Lecture : Historical and technological development of type / Project 1 TIME-LINE TATTOO

Friday, Sept 20
Workshop: “Handmade” TIME-LINE TATTOO

Week 3

Tuesday, Sept 24
Workshop: "Handmade" TIME-LINE TATTOO

Friday, Sept 27

Week 4

Tuesday, Oct 1
“When Typography Speaks Louder Than Words”

Friday, Oct 4
P2 work in class

Week 5

Tuesday, Oct  8
P2 work in class

Friday, Oct 11
Lecture : Text -Tracking, kerning, letter spacing, formatting, texture, leading.
Letter-forms, x-height, form/counter form, contrast, meaning, color
/ P2 DUE / Project 3: Feelings representation

Week 6

Tuesday, Oct 15
P3 work in class

Friday, Oct 18
Lecture: ANATOMY / P3 DUE / Project 4 / ANATOMY & ROMAN

Week 7

Tuesday, Oct 22
Workshop: “Handmade”– Construction of the Roman capitals

Friday, Oct 25
Workshop: "Illustrator" - Construction of the Roman capital


Week 8

MIDTERM BREAK (October 26 - November 3)


Week 9

Tuesday, Nov 5
Midterm REVIEW / Quiz

Friday, Nov 8
P4 DUE | Project 5 / CUSTOM TYPEFACE & BOOK DESIGN / Lecture : Guest Speaker

Week 10

Tuesday, Nov 12
P4 work in class / Review

Friday, Nov 15
Lecture : Grid - for text, text and images, columnar layouts, modular grid.

Week 11

Tuesday, Nov 19
Work in class / Review

Friday, Nov 22
Work in class / Review

Week 12

Tuesday, Nov 26
Work in class / Review

Friday, Nov 29
P4 Research / Presentation

Week 13

Tuesday, Dec 3
P4 work in class

Friday, Dec 6
P4 work in class

Week 14

Tuesday, Dec 10
P4 work in class and P4 DUE

Friday, Dec 13
Work in class on exhibition board for SACI Design Student Exhibition

Week 15

Tuesday, Dec 17
Work in class on workbook

Friday, Dec 20
Final Group Review


Project List


final product

software used

P1 Time-line



P2 Meaning of Typ



P3 Feelings



P4 Anatomy & Roman

PDF document, hard copy of the design, creative process sketches


P5 Typeface & Book

PDF document, hard copy of the design, creative process sketches



WORKBOOK collecting all sketches and finals



Master List of Graphic Designers & Typographers

Master List of Graphic Designers to write about each week... (and Typographers).

There are 68 and each has an article in Wikipedia to begin your research:

Materials & Readings

Small journal/notebook to keep clippings for ongoing projects

Textbooks & Supplementary Readings

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act Textbook Provision, SACI provides, when possible, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and retail price of required and recommended reading. Note: Copies of the books below are available for loan or can be consulted in the SACI Worthington Library.

  • Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton
    ISBN: 9781568989693 (Retail price: $24.95)
  • PDF list of typography websites/articles/samples
  • Supplementary reading from Designing with Type by James Craig and Irene Korol Scala
    ISBN: 9780823014132 (Retail price: $24.99)
  • Supplementary reading from Fonts & Logos by Doyald Young, Delphi Press, 1999.
    ISBN: 9780967331607 (Retail price: $75)


This evaluation represents 10% of your final grade and will consist of two parts:

  1. Multiple choice
    You are to select the best possible answer (or answers) out of the choices from a list related to the theory seen in class about color, characteristics and effects on people and spaces.
  2. Complete the sentences
    You must complete the sentences with the best answer related to the theory seen in class.


Grading is based on attendance, effort, improvement, and demonstration of knowledge gained through the course.

Graduate Students
​Students in MFA, MA, and Post-Bac programs are expected to produce work at a level appropriate for students in a graduate program. They are required to additionally complete an in-depth study on one of the assigned topics by writing a short paper and by making a visual slideshow presentation in class. If they successfully complete all course requirements for graduate students, they will receive graduate-level credit for the course.

General Safety & Emergency Instructions

Click here for a pdf of SACI's General Safety & Emergency Instructions.

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