ARTD(VD)495 Visual Design, Michael Reali, Summer II 2019

Circle, Square, Triangle

A visual exploration of geometrical shapes and design principles drawing inspiration from three remarkable designers: Leonardo da Vinci, Bruno Munari and M.C. Escher.


Students will work on 4 main projects:

1. SLIDE deck



4. INTERACTIVE website


WEEK 1 - Introducing a Visual Language

Mon July 1 · 1pm-8pm
Introductions, objectives, course overview; Exercise 1
Lecture: Basics of Visual Design, Intro to Exercise 2: “Basic principles”
Work in class on Exercise 2
Exercise due; Crit + Group discussion
Introduction to Project 1: “A Geometric Florence in slides” (due Fri, July 5)

Wed July 3 · 1pm-8pm
How to: Slide decks
Squaring the Circle with Leonardo. Intro to Ex. 3: “Emotion posters” and Ex. 4: “Card deck”.
Work in class on Exercise 3
Exercise due; Crit + Group discussion
Work in class on Exercise 4
Exercise due; Crit + Group discussion

Fri July 5 · 1pm-7pm
Finalize Project 1
DUE & CRIT: A Geometric Florence in slides
Lecture: Introduction to Typography. Exercise 5 and 6: Working with type
Work in class on Exercise 5
Exercise due; Crit + Group discussion
Work in class on Exercise 6
Exercise due; Crit + Group discussion


WEEK 2 · Visualizing Data

Mon July 8 · 1pm-8pm
Lecture: Introduction to Information Graphics, Intro to Exercise 7: “Renaissance Artists”
Work in class on Exercise 7
Exercise due; Crit + Group discussion
Introduction to Project 2: “Infographic Poster” (due Fri, July 12)

Wed July 10 · 1pm-8pm
Field Trip: “Verrocchio il maestro di Leonardo” in Palazzo Strozzi (TBC)
Discuss ideas, visualization and audiences for Project 2
Work in class on Project 2: Sketches due by the end of class

Fri July 12 · 1pm-7pm
Finalize Project 2
DUE & CRIT: Infographic Poster
Exercise 8: Building a "Useless Machine"


WEEK 3 · Telling Visual Stories

Mon July 15 · 1pm-8pm
Lecture: The Booklet, Multi-page Sequencing, Narrative Arcs and "Unreadable Books" .
Exercise 9: “A 4-panel story.”
Exercise due; Crit + Group discussion
Field Trip: Looking for inspiration in a Florentine bookstore #BookCover2019
Exercise 10: “Book Cover Redesign”
Introduction to Project 3: “Visual Narrative Booklet” (due Fri, July 19)

Wed July 17 · 1pm-8pm
Exercise and Project update
Exercise 10 due; Crit + Group discussion
Studio time: work in class on Project 3

Fri July 19 · 1pm-7pm
Finalize Project 3
DUE & CRIT: Visual Narrative Booklet
Exercise 10: Making an "Unreadable Book"


WEEK 4 · Making Digital Experiences

Mon July 22 · 1pm-8pm
Lecture: Introduction to Web Design and Figma
Exercise 11: “Analyzing 10 websites”
Introduction to Project 4: “Interactive Website” (due Fri, July 26)
Group discussion/ideation on Web Design ideas
Studio time: Work in class on architecture, wireframes and visual style
Wireframes and Moodboard due. Crit + Group discussion

Wed July 24 · 1pm-8pm
Project update
How to: Using Figma for prototyping.
Studio time: Work in class on mock-ups and prototypes for presentation.

Fri July 26 · 1pm-7pm
Finalize Project 4
DUE & CRIT: Interactive Website



Attendance is mandatory, absence will impact final grade. For every two unexcused absences, your grade will be lowered by 1/3 of a letter. Two late arrivals to class are considered the equivalent of one unexcused absence. Students who do not stay for the duration of a class session should be marked absent. Students who miss more than 20% of a course owing to unexcused absences cannot be given a passing grade for the course.


Grades are based on attendance, proficiency, effort, and improvement.

Grades range from A+ to F. The SACI grading scale follows:
A+ Outstanding
A Excellent
A- Nearly Excellent
B+ Very Good
B Good
B- Nearly Good
C+ Above Satisfactory
C Satisfactory
C- Below Satisfactory
D Unsatisfactory
F Failure

Graduate Students
​Students in MFA, MA, and Post-Bac programs are expected to complete additional assignments and to produce work at a level appropriate for students in a graduate program. They are graded accordingly and, if they successfully complete all course requirements for graduate students, receive graduate-level credit for the course.

General Safety & Emergency Instructions

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