ARTD301 Intermediate Graphic Design, Camilla Torna, Fall 2019 | SACI College of Art & Design Florence

ARTD301 Intermediate Graphic Design, Camilla Torna, Fall 2019

Description of Projects

The class is going to develop 4 projects. Given the mixed-level nature of the class, for each project, Intermediate students are required to work on more deliverable than those at the Beginning level.

Project 1 and 2 are editorial design projects: a self-portrait book cover and a book cover redesign concept, with a focus on the Italian design legacy in the field.

The following two projects belong to the SACIMX program.
SACIMX - Designing the Museum Experience is an interdisciplinary program that immerses students in the development of both concrete and intangible aspects of the museum visit experience. Through SACIMX, students approach these topics while working with renowned museums in Florence, in a collaborative and professionally-minded environment.

Project 3, A History of Childhood, is infographic and merchandising design, in collaboration with the unique Museo degli Innocenti in Florence, showcase of one of Italy's most extraordinary secular institutions. The Istituto degli Innocenti has worked uninterruptedly to help children and families since the beginning of the Fifteenth Century.

Project 4, "Liberty for Whom?" is a website inspired by the exhibition Sisters in Liberty opening October 2, 2019 at Ellis Island, NYC, and showcasing the relationship between Manhattan’s Statue of Liberty and Santa Croce’s The Liberty of Poetry monument. SACI's Graphic Design and Museology students will create a virtual museum on the idea of freedom and civil rights.

An extra project (September 30) is a workshop session for the upcoming Florence Biennale.


Week 1

Mon 09.09

Introduction / P1 Creativity Work in class


Wed 09.11

Photocollage Work in class
*** P4 9:45 INTRO to the Project “Liberty for Whom?” – Team setup

Week 2

Mon 09.16

P1 DUE / P2 Book jacket designs + Visit to bookstore


Wed 09.18

*** P4 9:00 Meeting at Santa Croce with Donata Grossoni / Opera di Santa Croce
P2 research review in class

Week 3

Mon 09.23

Work in class on P2


Wed 09.25

Work in class on P2
*** P4 Presentations MAR + CT civil rights topics at end 1800s + brainstorming
(emigration, feminism + LGBTQ, artistic expression + censorship, information, slavery)

Week 4

Mon 09.30

Extra project: EarthDNA workshop session


Wed 10.02

P2 printing and folding | P3 A History of Childhood Visit to Museo degli Innocenti

Week 5

Mon 10.07

P2 DUE / Guest Lecture Elena Lombardi on Character design in vector illustration


Wed 10.09

*** P4 How civil rights topics are presented in Museums (also online) 40 min
Guest lecture on Afro-American presence in Florence / Cimitero degli Inglesi 40 min
P3 research and 1st draft review

Week 6

Mon 10.14

P3 progress review / Work in class on P3


Wed 10.16

P3 progress review / Work in class on P3

Week 7

Mon 10.21

P3 progress review / Work in class on P3


Wed 10.23

*** P4 Focus group and first draft + Midterm review


Week 8


MIDTERM BREAK (October 26 - November 3)


Week 9

Mon 11.04

P3 Guest Lecture Patricia Silva on Book arts and paper merchandising


Wed 11.06

*** P4 Project presentation
How to structure information for a website

Week 10

Mon 11.11

P3 Merchandising work in class


Wed 11.13

P3 Merchandising work in class

Week 11

Mon 11.18

P3 Merchandising printing and binding


Wed 11.20

P3 DUE | *** P4 progress review + work in class

Week 12

Mon 11.25

P4 work in class


Wed 11.27

P4 work in class Michael Reali on website design

Week 13

Mon 12.02

P4 work in class


Wed 12.04

*** P4 finalizing website contents

Week 14

Mon 12.09

P4 work in class on website


Wed 12.11

P4 work in class on workbook

Week 15

Mon 12.16

P3 Presentation w/ Museo Innocenti


Wed 12.18

*** P4 Final Group Review w/ Opera di Santa Croce

List of Projects

  • P1 Concept COLLAGE BOOK COVER - Photoshop: 1 cover
  • P2 Editorial for Einaudi BOOK SERIES REDESIGN 3 jackets - Indesign:  basic guidelines + 3 jackets
  • P3a Information Design for Museo degli Innocenti INFOGRAPHIC ON HISTORY OF CHILDHOOD - Illustrator: 1 infographic for print and 1 for web
  • P3b Merchandising for Museo degli Innocenti MERCHANDISING for Museum Shop - Illustrator: 1 paper merchandising + 2 mockups
  • P4 Web design for Santa Croce + SACI, LIBERTY FOR WHOM: VIRTUAL MUSEUM - Wordpress: teamwork
  • Final Presentation WORKBOOK (collecting all sketches and finals) - Indesign

Course Requirements

The course includes the 4 assignments described above.
Research and short papers may be assigned throughout the course.
Scheduled due dates might be subject to change.

Graduate Students
Students in MFA, MA, and Post-Bac programs are expected to produce work at a level appropriate for students in a graduate program. They are required to additionally complete an in-depth study on one of the assigned topics by writing a short paper and by making a visual slideshow presentation in class. If they successfully complete the requirements for graduate students, they will receive graduate-level credit for the course.


Attendance is mandatory. Absences will impact your final grade. For every two unexcused absences, your grade will be lowered by 1/3 of a letter. Two late arrivals to class are considered the equivalent of one unexcused absence. Students who do not stay for the duration of a class session should be marked absent. Students who miss more than 20% of a course owing to unexcused absences cannot be given a passing grade for the course.


Grades are based on attendance, proficiency, effort, and improvement.

Grades range from A+ to F. The SACI grading scale follows:

A+ Outstanding
A Excellent
A- Nearly Excellent
B+ Very Good
B Good
B- Nearly Good
C+ Above Satisfactory
C Satisfactory
C- Below Satisfactory
D Unsatisfactory
F Failure

General Safety & Emergency Instructions

Click here for a pdf of SACI's General Safety & Emergency Instructions.

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