ART548 MFA Graduate Seminar in Photography: History & Aesthetics II, Jacopo Santini, Spring 2019

Photography has variable contents and meanings depending on each photographer’s nature, so it is hard and, perhaps, superficial to define it once and for all.

A certain fact is the etymological derivation of the noun: photography is a compound word coined by Sir John Hershel in the first half of 19th century by joining the Greek noun photos (light) and the verb graphein. Therefore, it means “to write with light,” that is to tell, to communicate impressions, facts, evidences thanks to the alchemic and still mysterious medium of light.

Strictly speaking, photography is the art or way of producing a permanent record of an image on light sensitive film or surface by using a process whose invention, as for its fundamental and still current features, is due to Henry Fox Talbot.

This is what every good dictionary will say. But I hope you will discover by yourself a personal meaning, as happened to me when I tried to decipher the reasons why I love and I still love photography, as a photographer and as a teacher of its history.

In order to accomplish a deep consciousness of the meaning of a medium that – as it seems – is nowadays losing, also, but not only, because of the digital revolution, a certain and reliable definition of its function and raison d’etre, this seminar will focus on an in depth study of the history of photography and its ideological, representational, technological, historical, and aesthetic ramifications, with emphasis on the profound changes occurring due to the digital revolution. The world of photography will also be analyzed “in the field” thanks to the invaluable artistic richness of Florence -in its relationships to the heritage of Renaissance and contemporary visual and other fine arts. Class time will involve lectures visits to exhibitions, galleries and photographic/art festivals, such as Paris Photo, the Photography Festival of Rome, Photolux in Lucca, Venice Biennale (every other year), the European Festival in Reggio Emilia, Bologna Arte Fiera, MIA (Milan Image Art Fair), Triennale in Milan, and many others.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course students will have gained a deep and comprehensive knowledge of photography in its historical development up to the current “digital era,” of how it has been affected by and has affected other media and sciences, society and social behaviors and, more in general, the way we see ourselves.

A fundamental goal of the course is an in-depth analysis of photography’s raison d’etre today and the many different issues that stem from such a question. Thanks to the digital revolution – maybe less Copernican than we may want to admit – the medium is even more available and affordable to the masses than before. Every day billions of photographs are taken, edited, posted, attached, downloaded and uploaded and the more images that are used (and abused) the less people seem to be able to think about the reasons why they keep, sometimes compulsively, to photograph, to “write with light.” Therefore, the unavoidable question is: why do we photograph? Why should we continue to do it? To which purpose? And, finally, will photography survive and in which form? Studying the past and learning how to be conscious of the present will doubtlessly help us to try to provide an answer.

Students in this MFA Seminar are expected to do personal testing and push their aesthetic ideologies. Please remember that the program you set out to complete for your college or university degree truly depends on the work you set out to complete.

You are required to keep two journals. One as a notebook, where you write class notes and keep all hand-outs. The second notebook will be your creative journal where you will write your personal impressions and analysis of the topics discussed during the seminar. Be as creative and involved as possible!

Field Trips

  1. San Gimignano, Galleria Continua, Hiroshi Sugimoto, The First Encounter, date to be determined.
  2. Rome, MAXXI for the exhibition Paolo Pellegrin. Un’Antologia
    and Lisetta Carmi. La Bellezza della Verità at Museo di Roma in Trastevere.
  3. Napoli, Madre Museum for the Exhibition Robert Mapplethorpe. Coreography for an Exhibition.
  4. Second phase of the project “In the Folds of Italy”: Abruzzo and Valle Peligna

During this MFA Seminar, you will notice many connections between the MFA Studio Co-Requisite and the MFA History & Aesthetics Seminar. Our belief is that the two need to be taught hand in hand in order to enhance a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. When possible Romeo Di Loreto and I will be both present at certain lessons and we will always be with you during our visits to festivals or on field trips.


Attendance includes participation/full participation.
Attendance and promptness are mandatory. Two absences will result in one grade less. Two lateness’s are equivalent to one absence. Eight minutes tardiness is equal to lateness.

Critiques and tests cannot be missed. Check the final exam date on your schedule. No final exam absences will be excused; therefore no flights can be scheduled before or on this date. Missing the final critique will greatly affect your grade, resulting in a high risk of failure. Only the co-directors and the Dean can make exceptions to this rule. Please talk to us in advance if you anticipate anything in these regards.

Grading & Reviews

Students can achieve a passing grade by completing all of the requirements, having optimum attendance, participating in the MFA Seminar during critiques, during outside projects and by showing professionalism with guest visitors.

A = Work that far exceeds the minimum requirements in craftsmanship, presentation, and visual/intellectual order. Your concepts, ideas, and insightful participation in class and in critiques have to be of high level to obtain this grade.
B = above average work that far exceeds the minimum requirements. Skillful handling of the materials with good concepts, showing initiative in critiques and in class.
C = Average work completion with only adequate control of the materials. Minimum class and critique participation.
D = Failure to complete assignments resulting from a minimum amount of effort, poor execution, and sloppy craftsmanship in the handling of the materials with little or no class participation.
F = Little or no effort with consideration to the assignments. No participation in class or critiques.

Midterm Review - A review will be conducted with the Co-directors, invited faculty of SACI or individuals that have collaborated with your progress. (Completion of assignments, projects, portfolio’s, punctuality/attendance, and your journals will be discussed).

Final Review - A review will be conducted with the Co-directors, selected SACI faculty and whoever has collaborated at great length with your progress. Completion of assignments, projects, portfolios, final presentation and project, punctuality/attendance, and the viewing of the work produced during this term will be discussed.

A short faculty review without the student will be conducted with a maximum of three professors.


In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act Textbook Provision, SACI provides, when possible, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and retail price of required and recommended reading. Note: Many required and recommended texts are available for loan or can be consulted in the SACI Worthington Library.

Newhall, Beaumont, History of Photography, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1982.
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DVD: Blow Up by Michelangelo Antonioni

DVD: Faces Places by Agnès Varda and JR

DVD: The Genius of Photography, BBC, 2009

DVD: CONTACTS 1-3 – based on an idea by William Klein

DVD: The Salt of the Earth: A Journey with Sebastiao Salgado , by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, 2013

DVD: Finding Vivian Maier, by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel

DVD: Don’t Blink: Robert Frank by Laura Israel


Week 1 - Wednesday, January 9
The family of Man – Changes in photography. America: Alienation, abstraction; street photography: the agony of the decisive moment – The Americans by Robert Frank, New York 1954-55 by William Klein, Aaron Siskind. View: The Genius of Photography.
Reading: Excerpt from Photography: a Cultural History, Chapter 11: Purity and Diversity p. 391.
Reading: Excerpt from Russell Miller’s Magnum. 50 Years on the Frontline of History.
If possible visit to Tethys Gallery.

Week 2 - Wednesday, January 16
A flashback. Hidden Outsiders: Norbert Ghisoland, Martin Chambi, Disfarmer, Miroslav Tichy, Marcel Bascoulard.
Screening of Don’t blink: Robert Frank.

Week 3 - Wednesday, January 23
Lecture: Photography and the Social Landscape: Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus, Bruce Davidson, Larry Clark, Danny Lyon – If possible visit to Fosco Maraini Archive or to Museo del Novecento – Reading: excerpt from: Fred Ritchin’s Bending the Frame: Photojournalism, Documentary and the Citizen.

Friday, January 25
Field Trip to Rome: MAXXI for the exhibition Paolo Pellegrin. Un’Antologia.
and Lisetta Carmi. La Bellezza della Verità at Museo di Roma in Trastevere.

Week 4 - Wednesday, January 30
Blow Up: Michelangelo Antonioni and Julio Cortázar.
Screening of the movie Blow Up.
A glance at fashion photography.
Reading: Blow Up by Julio Cortázar:

Week 5 - Wednesday, February 6
The other side: Photography and the self/narrative photography: Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Duane Michals, Mario Giacomelli.

Week 6 - Wednesday, February 13
Individual meeting. Class work for the midterm paper.

Friday 15 – Saturday 16
Field Trip to Naples: Madre Museum for the Exhibition Robert Mapplethorpe. Coreography for an Exhibition.

Week 7 - Wednesday, February 20
Midterm Exam – DUE: Presentation by the students of a research paper on: The end of the illusions and the agony of the decisive moment: Robert Frank’s The Americans and William Klein’s New York. A new language – a minimum of 5 double spaced pages.

Start thinking about the final paper. 10 double-spaced pages. Free theme to be submitted and discussed by week 10

Week 8
(February 23 - March 3)

Week 9 - Wednesday, March 6
Photography and other media in postwar period. Television and photojournalism – Vietnam, Prague 1968. Icons: Larry Burrows, Josef Koudelka, Eddie Adams, Nick Ut. If possible view of the movie: Koudelka shooting the Holy Land.

Week 10 - Wednesday, March 13
Photography and Art: Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, Richard Hamilton – If possible, visit to Museo del Novecento.

Week 11 - Wednesday, March 20
1975 New Topographics: Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Bernd and Hilla Becher – View of Contacts documentary – Reading: excerpt from Robert Adams’ Beauty in Photography.

Week 12 - Wednesday, March 27
1980’s to present – Readings: Excerpt from Convergences – Part 6 – Photography: A Cultural History.

Week 13 - Wednesday, April 3
After photography: The future of photography in the digital age. Reading: Excerpt from Fred Ritchin, After Photography and from Joan Fontcuberta’s The Pandora’s Camera.

Friday, April 5 – Sunday, April 7
In The Folds of Italy: Field trip to Valle Peligna, in Abruzzo region.

Week 14 - Wednesday, April 10
Research time.

Week 15 - Wednesday, April 17
Final exam.

General Safety & Emergency Instructions

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