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Art Events in Florence September 29 - October 2

Follow our lead and keep up with the latest art openings and events in Florence this weekend!

September 29: Exhibition Opening at VEDA // Hayley Silverman: The Living Watch Over The Living. // Borgo Pinti 82r / 6:30pm / Info:

Silverman’s installation consists of a mythic tableau in glass, developed for the unique architecture of the space. Two translucent angel marionettes hang on either side of an illuminated bird in flight, pierced by an arrow. This blown-glass scene floats in front of an abstract landscape painted on the back gallery wall. The work is visible both day and night. The title and exhibition, The Living Watch Over the Living, advance the artist’s research on technological and spiritual mediums as creative instruments in recording one’s life. Silverman’s secular reading of angels across Abrahamic traditions draws parallels between heavenly observation and pervasive sensing, otherwise known as big data.

September 29-October 2 : Firenze Suona Contemporanea // Various locations / info

Don't miss the Tenth edition of FIRENZE SUONA CONTEMPORANEA. Over the past ten years, the festival has become a valuable reference point for the public, continuing its mission of combining music and art through new experimentation, special projects and international guests, reviving the contemporary spaces, also symbol of the Florence Renaissance such as Palazzo Strozzi and Uffizi Galleries. In this festival, the spectator will be able to appreciate contemporary music outside the usual schemes, attend concerts, but also the latest audiovisual masterpieces, from music, to live theater electronics, to contemporary art, with the extraordinary participation of the internationally renowned artist Vanessa Beecroft, who, for the first time, will include a musical element in her work.

October 1: Occupy Lottozero // Artists in Residence Robin Darius Dolatyari e Chloé Rozycka Sapelkine / Performance by Giovanni Lami
From October 1st to November 11th, Lottozero will be occupied by French artists Robin Darius Dolatyari and Chloé Rozycka Sapelkine, the Lottozero headquarters, in Via Arno 10 in Prato will become the living and productive space of the artists, and will be open to the public 24 hours a day. The occupation will start with a concert by sound artist and musician Giovanni Lami, and will be followed by a neighborhood pasta party. Info here.

Don't forget to check out the shows currently on view around town:

Tensioni Strutturali #3 / Eduardo Secci Contemporary / Daniel Canogar Baptiste Debombourg Levi Van Veluw Zimoun / info here

Geometrie Abitate / Cartavetra / Anna Capolupo and Beatrice Squitti / info here

The Ephemeral Museum of Fashion / Palazzo Pitti / info here / through October 22

Unknown Pleasure / Museo Bardini / Glenn Brown / info here / through October 23



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