"Arcadia" by Marco Pace Opens Wednesday, June 19 in the SACI Gallery | SACI College of Art & Design Florence


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"Arcadia" by Marco Pace Opens Wednesday, June 19 in the SACI Gallery

Marco Pace
Arcadia I - La grotta, 2019 (detail)
oil on canvas
cm 20x18 

Photos by Leonardo Moretti

Marco Pace
Arcadia IV - Torrente, 2019 (detail)
oil on canvas
cm 20x18 

Photos by Leonardo Moretti

"Arcadia," an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Marco Pace, opens June 19 in the SACI Gallery.

SACI Gallery
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, June 19, 6pm
ON VIEW: June 19 - July 26, 2019
ARTIST TALK: Wednesday, July 10, 7pm in the SACI Clayton Hubbs Lecture Hall

Marco Pace paints singular environments often containing a void that invites the viewer to enter and to discover the presence of marginalized figures inside his paintings. The viewer realizes, at that moment, that they have entered into an oneiric and inner world, a world with different rules, far away in time, a space existing in a state between dreams and awakeness for which the artist seeks ... the Arcadia. And it is precisely to Arcadia that Marco Pace dedicates the new cycle of paintings, exhibited for the first time on occasion of his solo exhibition in the SACI Gallery in Florence.

He presents the paintings, of small dimensions, in which the measure of painting is taken to the extreme to create a magnetism between spectator and work, and a project for large drawings, almost to cite the sculptures of the park of Bomarzo or the Apennines of Giambologna. The paintings and drawings of different dimensions confront each other creating an idyllic place, with its inhabitants, supernatural entities, refugee souls, seeking comfort or inspiration. 

The exhibition is enriched by an audio installation "Epitaffio di Sicilo 2019," in which the reflection of Richard Buckminster Fuller, expressed in a 1974 interview by Gianni Pettena, narrates the world of architecture and construction, the ability of men to build their own shelters and to control the environment. The text dialogues with music, a version of the "Epitaph of Sicilus," created specifically for this installation by the musician Luca di Bucchianico, to make the viewer reflect on these issues in an almost hypnotic way. 

The audio adds another possible reading to Marco Pace's work, very significant in these times: the environmental issue. The artist wishes to represent the fragile environment as a soul at the mercy of external interferences, from which it does not always have the ability to protect itself. In these works the balance between man and environment is stable, natural, but once reached, in truth, it is very fragile, precarious, and constantly changing. Architects / artists have always tried to achieve this balance, which appears more and more difficult, almost impossible since the era of great industrialization. 

The intention of Marco Pace focuses, therefore, on a very actual and imminent contemporary problem: the importance of restoring the balance between man and the environment taking into consideration the fluidity and the continuous transformation that makes us alive and unique.

Špela Zidar - SACI Galleries Coordinator


Marco Pace, originally from Lanciano (CH), moved to Florence to study at the Academy of Fine Arts at the end of the 1990s. During his studies he worked in the field of comics, theatrical and cinematographic scenography. His pictorial research was strongly influenced by the activity of supervisor and creator of installations for the artist and architect Gianni Pettena. His paintings and drawings are often set in interiors of particularly well-known architectures (the Beyeler foundation by Renzo Piano, the station of Firenze S.M.N. by Giovanni Michelucci ...) with protagonists alienating characters such as animals, ghosts, and dreamlike apparitions.

Thank you to Galleria Giovanni Bonelli, Milan.


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