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Alina Akbar, 2nd-Year MFA in Studio Art, Exhibits in AL FEMMINILE at Circostanza #2

Alina Akbar, 2nd-year student in the MFA in Studio Art program at SACI, is one of eleven artists in the upcoming exhibition AL FEMMINILE, part of the Circostanza #2 festival of art, literature, music, and performance. 

AL FEMMINILE, an exhibition dedicated to women's video art and curated by Leonardi Moretti, will take place on Tuesday, September 25 at 9PM at the Spazio ex Leopoldine in Piazza Tasso in Florence. The show will feature works by Alina Akbar, Martina Bartolini, Alice Ferretti, Noel Gazzano, Meri Iacchi, Lori Lako, Sara Marinangeli, Valentina Marinelli, Matilde Mazzoni, Miriam Poggiali e Serena Rosati.

AL FEMMINILE is part of Circostanza #2, seven evenings dedicated to art and literature and organized by the literary magazine Stanza251 in collaboration with Cartavetra gallery. A different exhibition, performance, or event will take place each evening at 9PM at the Spazio ex Leopoldine from September 22 to September 29 (closed Sunday, September 23).

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