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Admissions Academic Year / Semester Abroad

How to Apply

Apply to undergraduate study abroad programs at SACI and begin your journey to Florence. Discover eligibility requirements for US and international students. Learn how to create and submit your online application form. Find out what supporting documents are needed for your application.

  • Eligibility

    Domestic and international undergraduate students enrolled on a full-time basis at any college or university with a minimum GPA of 2.75 or equivalent are invited to apply. For students who are currently not enrolled in a college or university on a full-time basis, please contact the admissions office for eligibility requirements.

  • Create an Online Application

    Create a SACI Online Application and Pay the $70 Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee

    You can edit your application at any time before it is submitted. When submitting your application, you will be asked to pay the application fee online with a Mastercard, Visa, or Discover credit card. You will be able to check the status of your SACI application through your online account. Please submit your online application prior to sending any supporting documents.

    If you wish to apply for a SACI scholarship, you must indicated on your online application that you are applying for a scholarship.
  • Supporting Documents

    Please submit your online application prior to sending any supporting documents. Upon completion of your online application, directions will be given on how to properly submit each supporting document through your MySACI account.


    Official Transcripts

    Students enrolled in (or graduated from) post-secondary institutions must send copies of their transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. Please mail official copies of your transcript to SACI's New York Admissions Office. (For students enrolled in SACI Consortium schools, a copy of their most recent transcript is sufficient.)

    International Students: Together with official or certified copies of transcripts bearing the original stamps, seals, and signatures of the issuing institution's designated officials, transcripts not issued in English need to be translated and evaluated for U.S. educational equivalency and submitted with the original documents.


    Study Abroad Advisor Form

    Applicants currently enrolled in an academic institution must have their study abroad advisor fill out the Study Abroad Advisor Form. Mail the Study Abroad Advisor Form to the SACY NY Admissions Office with the other required documents. Please have the advisor contact your Registrar to determine if BGSU transcripts are required by your school.


    If You Have Been Out of School for More Than Three Years:

    Curriculum Vitae

    In addition to official transcripts, a curriculum vitae is required of those who have been out of school for 3 or more years.


    If you are applying as an independent student:

    The following only applies to you if you are not currently enrolled full-time in a U.S. college or university, if you are applying independently from your college or university, or if your non-U.S. college or university does not have a study abroad department.

    One-Page Essay

    Submit an essay describing your artistic and/or academic goals and influences and your reasons for wishing to enhance them by studying abroad at SACI.

    Letter of Recommendation

    In place of the Study Abroad Form, please request a recommendation, preferably from an individual familiar with your academic work. The Recommendation Letter Form, which should accompany a written Letter of Recommendation, must be sent directly from the recommender to the SACI New York Admissions Office, either by mail or email. This form can be accessed on the applicant’s MySACI account. 


    If Your Native Language Is Not English:

    Evidence of Language Proficiency

    See the Non-US Students section for information about English language proficiency assessments.

Key Deadlines

Use this comprehensive list of application deadlines and scholarship deadlines as you apply to study abroad at SACI.

  • Application Deadlines

    Fall Term June 15

    Spring Term November 1

  • Scholarship Deadlines

    Fall Term March 15  (moved exceptionally to April 1)

    Spring Term October 15

  • Full Payment Deadlines

    Fall Term August 1

    Spring Term November 15

Term Dates

Use this comprehensive list of academic term dates as you apply to study abroad at SACI.

  • Academic Year 2019-20

    Fall 2019

    Term start/end dates: September 5 - December 23, 2019

    Arrival - Housing Opens September 5

    Orientation September 6-8

    Class Begins September 9

    Midterm Break for Undergraduates October 26 - November 3

    Final Exams December 16-20

    Departure Dates - Housing Closes December 23


    Spring 2020

    Term start/end dates: January 9 - April 27, 2020

    Arrival - Housing Opens January 9

    Orientation January 10-12

    Class Begins January 13

    Midterm Break for Undergraduates February 29 - March 8

    Easter Monday - School Closed April 13

    Final Exams April 20-24

    Departure Dates - Housing Closes April 27

  • Academic Year 2020-21

    Fall 2020

    Term start/end dates: September 3 - December 21, 2020

    Arrival - Housing Opens September 3

    Orientation September 4-5

    Class Begins September 7

    Midterm Break for Undergraduates October 24-November 1

    Final Exams December 14-18

    Departure Dates - Housing Closes December 21


    Spring 2021

    Term start/end dates: January 7 - April 26, 2021

    Arrival - Housing Opens January 7

    Orientation January 8-9

    Class Begins January 11

    Midterm Break for Undergraduates February 27-March 7

    Easter Monday - School Closed April 5

    Final Exams April 19-23

    Departure Dates - Housing Closes April 26

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & fees for the Academic Year / Semester Abroad program at SACI are released at least one year in advance. To calculate the full cost for your program, add the tuition, activity fee, student services fee, and housing fee (if applicable) for the terms you'll be attending, as well as the refundable general program deposit. Academic year students should combine both Fall and Spring Term tuition and fees. Students in the academic year program pay the general deposit for Fall Term only. What is included in tuition & fees?

  • Academic Year 2019-20

    Fall 2019

    $12,000 Tuition (September 5 - December 23, 2019)

    $1,200 Activity Fee

    $900 Student Services Fee

    $3,950 Housing Fee (double occupancy in SACI housing)

    Add an additional $1,700 to the above for single occupancy in SACI housing.

    $500 Refundable General Program Deposit


    Spring 2020

    $12,000 Tuition (January 9 - April 27, 2020)

    $1,200 Activity Fee

    $900 Student Services Fee

    $3,950 Housing Fee

    Add an additional $1,700 to the above for single occupancy in SACI housing.  

    $500 Refundable General Program Deposit 

  • Academic Year 2020-21

    Fall 2020

    $12,000 Tuition (September 3 - December 21, 2020)

    $1,200 Activity Fee

    $900 Student Services Fee

    $3,950 SACI Housing Option - SACI shared room in a shared apartment

    Add an additional $1,850 to the above for single occupancy in SACI housing.

    $5,990 Homestay Housing Option - 2 students in 1 room in a host family's home 

    Add an additional $910 to the above for single occupancy in SACI homestay.

    $500 Refundable General Program Deposit


    Spring 2021

    $12,000 Tuition (January 7 - April 26, 2021)

    $1,200 Activity Fee

    $900 Student Services Fee

    $3,950 SACI Housing Option - SACI shared room in a shared apartment

    Add an additional $1,850 to the above for single occupancy in SACI housing.

    $5,990 Homestay Housing Option - 2 students in 1 room in a host family's home 

    Add an additional $910 to the above for single occupancy in SACI homestay.

    $500 Refundable General Program Deposit 

Scholarships & Aid

Learn how you can finance your study abroad experience in Italy through Federal Financial Aid and SACI Scholarships.

  • SACI Scholarships

    Full and partial scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate study at SACI. All SACI scholarships are based on both artistic and academic ability and financial need. Applicants to all SACI programs that are for credit may apply for SACI scholarships. 

    Learn more about SACI Scholarships.

  • How to Apply for SACI Scholarships

    See complete instructions on how to apply for scholarships for each SACI program.

  • Financial Aid

    Any/all U.S. Federal Financial Aid received from a U.S. college or university can be transferred to cover fees for study at SACI. Learn more about Federal Financial Aid for undergraduate students and graduate students.

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