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How Many Credits Will I Earn For Each Course That I Complete at SACI?

Most SACI courses award 3 semester hours of credit. However, Early and High Renaissance Art History each have a co-requisite: Early Renaissance On Site and High Renaissance On Site (to cover the required field trips). Each are therefore considered equivalent to 2 courses. When pre-registering for Fall or Spring SACI courses, it’s important to request both the Art History and the On Site components.

Does SACI Award Graduate Credit?

Post-Baccalaureate, MFA, and MA students earn graduate credit for all Studio, Art History, and Art Conservation courses at SACI.

Students attending SACI independently or through a home institution who have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (or equivalent) can request to earn graduate credit for all courses with the exception of Italian Language, Italian Cinema, and Creative Writing. The student must:
- send an official transcript indicating the conferral of the Bachelor of Arts degree
- clearly indicate this request to the SACI Registrar by email or in the “comments for the Registrar” section of the online application (under “course selection”).

Should I Send a Portfolio?

Scholarship applicants must submit 15-20 images of their artwork or 5 minutes of time-based work or 2 writing samples. The New York Admissions Office will provide instructions on how to submit these online.

What Is the Maximum Number of Courses for Which I Can Enroll?

In the Fall and Spring, students may enroll each semester in up to 5 courses. In the Summer I, Summer II, and Summer Venice programs, students may enroll in up to 2 courses. Students in the Full Summer Florence and the Full Summer Florence + Venice programs enroll in a total of 4 courses.

Must I Enroll For a Minimum Number of Courses?

All students at SACI are expected to pursue course work full time. Admitted students should refer to the Admitted Students section of MySACI for detailed information about course registration.

How Often do Classes Meet Weekly?

Courses generally meet as follows:
Fall & Spring
Academic courses
- once a week for approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes
- twice a week for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes each session
- Italian language courses meet 3 or 4 times a week depending on the level
Studio courses
- twice a week for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes each session
- once a week for approximately 5 ½  hour
Summer I 
Academic courses
- 3 times a week for approximately 3 hours each session
- twice a week for approximately 3 hours each session + weekend fieldtrips
Studio courses
- 3 times a week all afternoon for approximately 5-5½  hours each session
- twice a week all day for approximately 8 hours each session
Summer II
Academic courses
- 3 times a week for approximately 4 hours each session
- twice a week for approximately 3 hours each session + weekend fieldtrips
Studio courses
- 3 times a week all afternoon for approximately 6-7 hours each session
- twice a week all day for approximately 10 hours each session

Will the Courses I Take at SACI Transfer to My School?

Students must check with their home schools to find out if SACI credits are accepted. SACI is affiliated with Bowling Green State University, through which students can receive their transcripts should their home schools not accept them from SACI. The advisor signing the application form must check the appropriate box (requesting transcripts from SACI or from Bowling Green State University).

How Do I Find Out Which Courses I Am Registered for Before Arriving at SACI?

The Registrar emails students on more than one occasion with information about the registration process; approximately one month before the beginning of the term each student receives from the Registrar their personalized schedule. To find out which courses students are registered for or to change classes before arriving at SACI, students should email the registrar. They will receive a reply shortly thereafter.

What Happens If a Course Is Closed or If There Is a Time Conflict?

Students are registered for courses based upon the order in which they are listed on their application form. When schedule conflicts occur or courses are full, students will be placed in one of their alternative choices.

Can I Change My Mind about the Courses I have Chosen Once I Have Arrived?

There is a drop/add period in which students can drop or add classes without it appearing on their transcript. They need to see the Registrar to make these changes and in some cases need to request approval from their home schools to make sure the credits will transfer. At the end of this period, students must sign a Class Confirmation, where they confirm that the courses listed are correct.

As an Academic Semester Abroad or Academic Year Abroad Student, Would I Be Required to Enroll in Specific Courses at SACI?

The answer would depend upon your home institution’s requirements. You should check with your home school advisor to learn whether you are required to take a specific course while at SACI. It would be helpful if the advisor could notify the SACI Registrar of any specific requirements. 

Can I Take a Course Pass/Fail or Audit?

Students can request to take a course pass/fail or to audit a course (in which case it appears on their transcript with no credit). After the drop/add period, however, they may not change their selected status. Students are required to obtain approval from their home schools in order to take a course at SACI as pass/fail grade.

Students are not permitted to audit studio, conservation, or creative writing courses.

Students enrolled in SACI's Graduate Programs are not permitted to take courses as audit or pass/fail.

I Was Admitted to SACI. Can I Defer My Admission to Another Term?

Yes. If you wish to defer, please email the New York office and state your name, the term you were admitted into and the term you wish to attend. You will be responsible for contacting SACI at least one month prior to the term you wish to attend in order to confirm your intent to enroll.

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