About Artists & Designers Council

SACI Artists & Designers Council

The SACI Artists & Designers Council, established in 2003, is a group of internationally renowned artists, filmmakers, architects, and other professionals in the art world who support SACI and our mission.

Conceived by Jules Maidoff, the founder of SACI, as a way for prominent artists to advocate for the school and maintain their strong connection to SACI in Florence, Italy, the Artists & Designers Council has attracted as members esteemed artists from around the world who believe in SACI's goals as a non-profit international art school to equip students with the cultural and intellectual means necessary to pursue a life of creative inquiry in the field of visual arts.

Members of the SACI Artists & Designers Council

Irene Barberis

Alessandro Gori

Roger Phillips

​Roberto Barni

Marigold Hodgkinson

Andrea Ponsi

Luca Bertolo

Bryan Hunt

Edward Povey

Connie Britton

Peter Hutchinson

Daniel Pritzker

Paolo Bulletti

Roberto Innocenti

Andrea Rauch

Juliette Cezzar

Lani Irwin

Carole Robb


Paul Karasik

Amalie R. Rothschild

Antonio Citterio

Donovan Leitch

Gianni Sinni

Jim Dine

Michael Loos


Alan Feltus

Alessandro Mendini

David Tremlett

Audrey Flack

Simonetta Moro

Rick Valicenti

Jill Furmanovsky

Daniele Nannini

Ben Vereen

Ralph Gibson

Philip Pearlstein

Betty Woodman

Jenufa Gleich

Beverly Pepper


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