Artist Zaria Forman, SACI Spring 2004 Alumna, creates breathtaking works of art that explore Earth’s fragility and present problems of climate change.

Her large pastel drawings of glaciers and icebergs in Antarctica, explore some of the world’s most vulnerable and rapidly changing environments; the images are her way of freezing and stretching these breathtaking structures before they disappear. The icecaps can change significantly in as little as one week, so Zaria’s practice is truly an urgent one. She is one of many artists confronting the topic of our changing environment, using art to reflect upon this often-polarizing conversation.

Zaria Forman’s works have appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. Zaria was featured on Good Day New York and Fox News and was interviewed by Lucy Yang on ABC7 Eyewitness News. Her drawings have been used in the set design for the Netflix TV series House of Cards.

In her interview with from Articulate, an Emmy® award-winning arts and culture show on PBS, Zaria explains the difficulty we face in inciting action in the face of such a longterm threat, and the role of art in this journey.

Zaria’s most recent achievements include participation in Banksy’s Dismaland (Aug-Sep 2015), a solo exhibition at Winston Wächter Fine Art in New York City (Sep-Oct 2015), and a four week art residency in Antarctica aboard the National Geographic Explorer (Nov-Dec 2015). Zaria delivered a TEDTalk that aired on PBS, and is featured on In October 2016, she flew over Antarctica with NASA's Operation IceBridge; the largest airborne survey of Earth's Polar ice. Zaria has spoken at Harvard University’s Center for the Environment, where her drawings are are exhibited for the 2017 academic year. In April, she will fly with NASA's Operation IceBridge once again, in Greenland. Her next solo show is at Winston Wächter Fine Art, Seattle, WA, opening Sept 7th, 2017. 

Born in South Natick, Massachusetts, Zaria currently works and resides in Brooklyn, New York. She studied at Studio Arts College International in Florence, Italy and received a B.S. in Studio Art from Skidmore College.


“Psychology tells us that we, as human beings, take action and make decisions based on our emotions more than anything else, and I think what art can do is reach our emotions.” – Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman Joins NASA's Icebridge

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