Visual Design


  • ARTD(VD)495 Visual Design3

    Term: Late Spring, Summer

    Prerequisites: None (Digital camera useful)

    This course focuses on the design practice needed to create an effective visual presentation of ideas and information, for print or digital media, in both static and dynamic forms. Students are introduced to the theory, history, and  fundamentals of Visual Communication through the use of words and images. Through practical exercises they learn how to organize and process data, design visuals and narratives, and finally disseminate them through traditional and digital media. They acquire and develop strategic, conceptual, usability, graphic design, and illustration skills, with special attention to the social and cultural dimensions of communication. These might include outlines of the psychology of design, the latest trends in brand communication, and a cultural history of color.  Projects may include design of an infoposter, a booklet, a slideshow, a Prezi presentation, or a short animation. Topics for be visualization range from single concept to complex data. Tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Prezi, slideshow software, and online resources are introduced and employed.

    (See syllabus below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

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