SACI Partners with the Galleria dell'Accademia to improve the museum experience

How to become familiar with the art of communicating art? Studio Arts College International (SACI), has established a partnership with some of the major museums in Florence, such as the Galleria dell’Accademia. SACI students are being offered an exclusive and unique opportunity to work side by side with the leadership and administrators of this museum to improve the overarching visitor experience. Through this ongoing collaboration, SACI MX (Museum Experience) students of Art History, Museology, Graphic and Communication Design, Illustration and Typography acquire key skills in the field of cultural communication.
Many Florentine museums are suffering from overcapacity and insufficient budgets. They are hard-pressed to meet the strenuous demands placed on them by tourists. The Accademia is no exception. SACI has been asked to examine this museum's existing frameworks and determine, through design methods, how to provide a better experience for visitors attempting to view the artwork within large crowds.
The project begins with a general assessment of the museum experience, completed through detailed observation, analysis, interviews and shared discussion. This assessment provides a platform for students’ work which will offer completed concepts for a new identity, wayfinding system and merchandising items. 
SACI is being given the opportunity to use SACI MX as a “case study” that offers students learning opportunities as well as real-time practical experience. This exercise is not only a learning experience, however, but a part of SACI’s responsibility to provide the museums with solutions and specific improvements that can be implemented over time. The work emerging from the studio has the potential to have a direct, positive impact on these museums.
SACI MX Accademia involves the following courses: