Spring 2010 SACI Graduate Student Exhibition at Galleria La Corte

From 04-08-2010 To 04-11-2010


VIA DE' COVERELLI 27r - FIRENZE Tel 055.284435

Corpi sottili (Subtle Bodies)
April 11, 2010
Opening: 7:00 pm
Performance: 8:30 pm
Teatro dell'Affratellamento
Via Giampaolo Orsini 73

Works by
Chule Gobodo
Misty Evans
Ivetta Starikova
Cindy Root
Ariana Mirabile

Performance by Luca di Volo and Eleonora Tancredi in dialogue with Chule Gobodo.
Curated by Dejan Atanackovic

Works by five students from SACI confront the theme of the relationship between the body and its image: a body built from vowels and consonants from an unknown language; a body found within stereotypical images of American culture; a body captured, between violence and eroticism, within the desire for freedom; a body - dressed – decorated by dreams of escaping; a puppet body, characterized by its anguishing facility to decompose.

Each historical period produces its own images of the body. Sometimes these images have precise functions – to influence intimate forms of life, to educate, to offer standards for what is good and acceptable, to stimulate our sense of belonging and exclusion. In history and in our own times, the discourse on the body has always been a way to confront the human being’s effective freedom. An image of the body from our times may be a "subtle body", a fragile body, a veil-body hiding desires, fears and cultural forms that constitute its fluid and indefinite shape.

The works on exhibit - videos, photographs, objects, paintings – were created in the environment of Studio Art Centers International.

After the opening a special performance by performers and musicians Luca di Volo and Eleonora Tancredi will take place; an event created specifically for this occasion and developed as a dialogue with the video works by Chule Gobodo.

The exhibition and performance are curated by Dejan Atanackovic.


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