Exhibition of Works by SACI 2009-2010 Teaching Assistants

From 03-29-2010 To 04-02-2010

Blinking: A Series by Mary Heather Lineberger

Blinking is not only a compulsory act but also a way to view life's cumulative experiences. Often, I feel as though I am blinking my way through some of the best opportunities that life will ever throw my way, as if I am not able to keep my eyes open and digest everything fully. The fleeting nature of a moment frustrates me. At the same time, I know that it is also one of life’s most incredible blessings. This very nature helps us to find beauty in the most mundane moments of our lives. When I look back on a day that has impacted my life, it’s not the moments that one would typically expect to remember, but the most random and disconnected ones that have particular meaning in my life. This is what this series is about, those moments that stand out to me for reasons that I can’t quite explain. I chose to present these images through the form of projection because I want the viewer to be as frustrated as I am with how transient the experience is. It forces him/her to hold tightly to all that is left, which is the memory; an image burned onto the brain. This is never the true experience, just one’s interpretation of that moment. The text that lingers after the flashing images are either memories of my own, quotes about memory, or thoughts that are triggered when I look at these images. If it doesn’t make much sense to you, good; it shouldn’t. It is my own memory, not yours; everyone’s perception is different. No matter if the experience was exactly the same, what we individually take from it will never be.

Studies: A Series by Carisa Mitchell

This work is not about a certain idea or a certain subject. It is about things that are sometimes so obvious, we forget that they are there. Things we just pass by without stopping to view it. The photographs you see in front of you are what I like to call "almost nothing." They are lines, shadows and things that are at a different viewing level. They are studies of the things we see but also of things we don't stop to look at.


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