Spring 2008 SACI Graduate Student Art Exhibition

From 04-10-2008 To 04-12-2008

Buttarsi allo Sgaraglio - Jumping Into the Deep End

Presenting the SACI 2007-2008 Graduate Students:

Daniel Dallabrida, Erice Liu, Colin McGurk, Amanda Morris, Ingrid Sanchez, Amy Skinner, Vanessa Steinhilb, Quan Tran, Tim Welch

Featuring a live performance and images from the environmental installations of Daniel Dallabrida called TRAVERSATA: My Conversations with the River Arno. The record of a dynamic dialogue between the artist and the River Arno at the medieval Ponte d'Annibale (Bridge of Hannibal), Incisa Valdarno, Italy. Fire, stone, terracotta, plaster, clay, ice, paper, charcoal, water and other materials (2007-2008). For more information see http://gallery.mac.com/saturniasf#100123

Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea
Via de'Coverelli 27r
50125 Firenze, Italy
T 055 284435

Admission is free

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