Artwork by 2007-2008 SACI Teaching Assistants

From 03-31-2008 To 04-07-2008

The SACI Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of photographs by SACI 2007-2008 Teaching Assistants of photography: Jamie Nisbet and Sarah Zimmer.

Jamie Nisbet - Artist Statement

This untitled body of work is specifically grounded in my desire to have an aesthetic experience while forming a connection with my surroundings. Although the places I tend to photograph are public, the actual encounter I am attempting to have is deeply private.  C.S. Lewis, in his autobiography, describes the aesthetic experience as: “…an unsatisfied desire, which is itself more desirable than any other satisfaction… that has indeed one characteristic …the fact that anyone who has experienced it will want it again.”  Each photograph acts as a resting place in which I am then driven beyond in search of the unsatisfied desire.

Biographical Info
Jamie Nisbet received a BFA from Maryood University in 2006.  A portion of her undergraduate studies included attending SACI in the fall semester of 2004. She was recognized as an outstanding student during the fall 2005 convocation at Marywood for her artistic and academic excellence. Her work has been in several exhibitions throughout North East Pennsylvania and she has been a photography instructor at Appel Farm Art and Music Center in Elmer, New Jersey. Jamie is currently a teaching assistant for the SACI media department.

Sarah Zimmer - Artist Statement: Miscalculations

Miscalculations - aims to represent the psychological affects of architecture and space, in a poetic manner.  This was attempted by utilizing each room as a stage. The characters are comprised of the room it self, and the objects that occupy it.  The relationships and dialogs that form are demonstrated by the unconventional positioning of the objects within each environment.  The dowels serve as the script, highlighting the main characters, and further embodying the spontaneous emotions, tension and underlying sentiments with in each scene. Miscalculations - was shot utilizing a 4 x 5 view camera.  The color inkjet prints remain the final product.

Miscalculations mira a rappresentare l’effetto psicologico dell’architettura e dello spazio in maniera poetica, tentando di utilizzare ogni stanza come uno stage. La particolarità dell’opera si esprime in un compendio di relazioni tra la stanza stessa e gli oggetti che la compongono. Il dialogo e le relazioni che si formano sono rappresentate mediante una costruzione inusuale degli oggetti nei differenti spazi. Le appendici, costituiscono la sceneggiatura evidenziando i personaggi principali, incaricati così di esprimere emozioni, tensioni e sottolineando gli stati d’animo nelle diverse scene. Miscalculations è stato realizzato su base argentica con banco ottico 10 x 12, successivamente spampato inkjet su supporto perlinato.

The content of my work has always originated from my personal curiosities, investigations, and interpretations that I find within my direct milieu.  The process of its physical making is primarily approached by methods of barrowing, utilizing, and re-interpreting the information and objects I find within my immediate environment.  It is both my enthusiasm for learning and aspiration to deliver my concept in a concise manner that has led me to utilize several mediums including: photography, installation, sculpture, and performance. Although each project contains a different concept and mode of expression, the habitual use of environment as a main character creates the framework for all projects.  Within each work I simultaneously attempt to create a sense of movement and stillness by representing the qualities in both a literal and psychological manner.  The use of a chosen medium often demonstrates the movement or time-based event in a more literal fashion, while the psychological aspect heavily relies on the content and context of the work. 

Biographical Info
Sarah was born (1981) in Coldwater Michigan.  She moved to Chicago in 1999 to attend Columbia College Chicago. There she initiated her studies in the fine art and photographic disciplines.  After completing her bachelors of arts (2003), she steadily worked within the artistic community teaching photography for not-for-profit organizations and with local collaborative groups. In 2005 she received a grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs to further develop her body of work. 

That same year she was awarded third place in a national art competition juried by James Randeau, Curatorial Head of Contemporary Art - Art Institute of Chicago.  Her work has been exhibited in several local galleries, most notably in the American Medical Association Building. Sarah moved to Italy in 2006 after receiving a generous scholarship from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Museum Educational Trust to study sculpture at Studio Art Centers International in Florence.  After earning a Post Bachelors degree in (2007) she was awarded a Teaching Assistantship 2007-08 in the photography and multimedia department at SACI.  She is enthusiastically working along side students and faculty, while continually developing her own work.  Sarah is currently  awaiting responses from prospective graduate schools and hopes to begin a masters program in the Fall.


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