SACI Body Archives 5 Exhibition

From 12-13-2016 To 12-13-2016

Body Archives 5

Opening: December 13, 2016 - 5 pm

Selected works by SACI Body Archive students: Denielle Berg, Jacqueline Cooke, Jackie Ducros, Sharon Ettinger, Mia Hernandez, Victoria Hodge, Atlanta Japp, Cocoa Laney, Ellie Manos, Olivia Porter, Miriam Stoner

Curated by Dejan Atanackovic

The fifth exhibition of the SACI project-course Body Archives carried out in collaboration with the Museum of Natural History opens on Tuesday, December 13 at the Florentine Museum of Anthropology. Students of the course, taught by Dejan Atanackovic, worked during the academic semester on the themes related to the representation of the human body by visiting the museum collections of the University of Florence in a dialogue with experts in various scientific disciplines.

The specific theme of this semester has been the image of home, a house, a refuge, a place of intimacy and sharing, loneliness and exchange, but also a home-archetype, a dream-like entity that organizes our memories and affects our subconscious.

During the semester, the group met with scientists, artists and anthropologists, and has developed works of various kinds, including installations, objects and videos, which will be presented at the Museum of Anthropology, with the attempt to create a dialogue with the museum collection, and offer a diverse reading of its contents.

The course Body Archives has been a part of SACI program since 2014. The visits to the extraordinary Florentine collections, only partially open to the public, contribute to the dialogue on the representation of nature and human body, to the ways of sharing knowledge and interaction between art and science. 

Museum of Anthropology
Via del Proconsolo 12

Museum admission is free.