SACI Theater, Body & Diversity

From 04-15-2016 To 04-15-2016

Exhibition, Performance & Presentation of a Mural Painting Project

April 15, 2016

Opening: Friday, April 15 at 12 noon

John Gingrich
Juliette Myers
Maria Mercedes Parellada

Curated by Dejan Atanackovic

On April 15, 2016, three SACI students in a special directed independent study course, Theater, Body and Diversity, presented their projects that were made in collaboration with participants at the art and therapy center, Fili e Colori, in Florence.

As part of the workshop Theater, Body and Diversity, held during the Spring semester 2016 at SACI, the works developed at the Fili e Colori, Art and Therapy Center, involved a creative exchange and dialogue between three SACI students and the users of the center – artists, poets and actors – who, along with the students and the staff, participated in three separate activities.

A monumental public work, a permanent mural composition of drawings and paintings collected over the years at the therapy center, has been created by John Gingrich on an external wall of the facility. Maria Mercedes Parellada lead a workshop which involved the use of recycled materials, with the task to develop, together with the Fili e Colori artists, a series of “self-portraits.” Juliette Myers worked on a theatrical performance, a narrative piece based on gestural action and voice recordings, involving six participants. Theater, Body and Diversity workshop at SACI has been lead by the SACI professor Dejan Atanackovic, since September 2015, in close collaboration with the Fili e Colori staff and with the Isole Comprese Teatro.

For more information, see SACI’s “Theater, Body and Diversity” students present at Fili e Colori.


Fili e Colori Art & Therapy Center
Via Enrico il Navigatore, 10