SACI Post-Bac in Studio Art Exhibition

From 04-15-2016 To 04-17-2016

SACI Post-Bac in Studio Art Exhibition: CAFFEINA NOSTALGICA 

April 15-17, 2016

Opening: Friday, April 15 at 7:30 pm

Selected works by SACI Post-Bac in Studio Art students: Benjamin Garst, Estefania Mones, María Mercedes Parellada, and Garrett Tidey.

The exhibition Caffeina Nostalgica is the beginning of a collaboration between 79rosso and SACI. 79rosso will host two collective exhibitions each year, to present the students’ works of the Post-Baccalaurate in Studio Art program directed by Lorenzo Pezzatini and Dario Arcamone.

Caffeina Nostalgica is the experience of combining history and memories in a new space. Our months in Florence have been filled with new moments marked by past experiences. Caffeine keeps us going and helps us use memories to create something completely new. With growing ideas and different materials, important messages are revealed about our lives in this world. The familiarities of things gone by, such as a warm reminder of childhood in a far away place, shape our daily desire to create.”

Estefania Mones presents a series of self-portraits on canvas and wood, building a staircase that leads to a life-size version of herself. Garrett Tidey transforms into large chalk drawings on paper the gender and original media of two famous icons of Florentine Renaissance art, Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Maria Parellada uses chicken wire to create a life-size installation, where each sculpture represents a specific part of her own self. Benjamin Garst’s artwork explores a multitude of social issues through a variety of mixed media bi-dimensional techniques.



79rosso Gallery
Via de' Serragli 79r
Florence, Italy