SACI Faculty Exhibition 2008

From 02-18-2008 To 03-07-2008

SACI instructors who are painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects, jewelry makers, weavers, and multimedia artists. A number work with diverse materials in more than one discipline—and each artist focuses on a striking range of subject matter.

In the introduction to the exhibition catalogue, SACI President Mary Beckinsale writes, “Although this exhibition can feature only a modest number of works from each participant—and cannot communicate a full sense of the sophistication and scope of each artist’s vision—I believe that it conveys, in richly suggestive if somewhat tantalizing fashion, the extraordinary range of artwork created by SACI faculty members.”

SACI faculty members participating in the exhibition include: Margherita Abbozzo, Dario Arcamone, Dejan Atanackovic, Paul Beel, Marco Brizzi, Paola Giaconia, Paolo Bulletti, Romeo Di Loreto, Patricia Kinsella, Kathy Knippel, Melania Lanzini, Gary Lissa, Heiko Mattern, Naomi Muirhead, Roberto Nesti, Lisa Nocentini, Lorenzo Pezzatini, Jacopo Santini, Bruno Spinazzola, John Taylor, Lisa Wade, David Weiss, and Karen Yurkovich.

For additional information on the SACI Faculty Exhibition, or to purchase the exhibition catalogue, contact the SACI Gallery Coordinator.


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