Natura Morta/Natura Vita

From 05-26-2015 To 06-25-2015

Natura Morta / Natura Vita

Recent Portraits, Nudes, and Still-lifes by Jessie Fisher and Scott Seebart

May 26 - June 25, 2015

Opening: Tuesday, May 26 at 6pm

This exhibition features recent work by Jessie Fisher, Associate Professor in Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute, and Scott Seebart, Lecturer at the Kansas City Art Institute, who have been painting together for over 20 years. Natura Morta is where Seebart finds his motif. His still lifes are arranged and observed to create a radiant harmony of color and composition. Fisher’s Natura Vita is a series of portraits that are a study of light and singular form. In a small grouping of nudes, both artists find commonality between these two modes of looking; the creation of allegory through the use of inanimate objects and the phenomenological response to a living source- a fusion of sensation and analysis.

Seebart and Fisher have been traveling to central Italy for many years finding particular inspiration in the work of the Florentine Renaissance. Works by both artists are also featured in the Dialoghi dell'Arte exhibition at the Palazzo dei Cartelloni, SACI (May 22nd - June 25th).

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