Romeo Di Loreto & Jacopo Santini

From 04-24-2015 To 05-20-2015

Romeo Di Loreto & Jacopo Santini

Andata e Ritorno: Chapter #1

Photographs by SACI Photography instructors Romeo Di Loreto and Jacopo Santini

April 24 - May 20, 2015

March 12 - April 9, 2015

Opening reception: Thursday, March 12, 6:00 pm


Andata e Ritorno (going and returning) is a joint project by Romeo Di Loreto and Jacopo Santini, initiated from Di Loreto's desire to pay a hommage to the Peligna Valley, birthplace of his parents – a place that has been carved and changed by emigration. The project will develop over time, ideally following the journey of the people who emigrated to Canada and rarely returned. The first phase consists of a combination of impressions using different approaches guided by the memories of a family, or diversly from the curiosity to discover of an unknown world.

Before you made your first step on the bus, or train or making your first step by foot before departing, what was the last thing you said to yourself?

Romeo Di Loreto asks this of the people, including his parents, who once left the Peligna Valley in Abruzzo in search of better opportunities abroad. This regione of Italy hosts amazing endless mountains, deep untamed forests, fertile soil and clear cold waters. Di Loreto pays hommage to his family and to others who have perhaps unwillingly emigrated and left their souls behind in their homeland.

Jacopo Santini's work for this first part of Andata e Ritorno also centers around the region of Abruzzo and the personal experiences of those who live there. "The vision of these villages, unfinished, suspended, dormant, seemed to me a possible metaphor of the situation of Peligna Valley–even if not the only one. A container of silence and unused, unlived time kept in a drawer in order to protect it for better days, until the next religious feast, until the next spring or summer that will color the majesty of mountains and the vast indifference of the sky."

Andata e ritorno è un progetto “a quattro occhi”. Nato dal desiderio di Romeo Di Loreto di raccontare la Valle Peligna, terra dei suoi genitori, luogo di emigranti, scolpito, cambiato dall’emigrazione, si svilupperà in più anni, seguendo idealmente il viaggio di chi se ne è andato e, raramente, è tornato. La prima tappa è un insieme di impressioni, con un approccio naturalmente diverso a seconda di chi dei due l’ha osservata: legato ai ricordi dei genitori o motivato dalla curiosità per la scoperta di un luogo sconosciuto. La narrazione verrà approfondita e proseguirà in Canada, luogo di destinazione di molti fra quelli che hanno lasciato, senza dimenticarla, questa terra, per poi tornare alle origini.


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