Santitos: Prints from the Rene Arceo Press

From 11-06-2014 To 12-09-2014

Santitos: Prints from the Rene Arceo Press

November 6 - December 9, 2014

Opening reception: Thursday, November 6 at 6pm

Saints interpreted by contemporary artists of printmaking (acquatints, etchings, relief prints, lithographs, linocuts, engravings, etc.) primarily from the U.S. and Mexico sponsored by Rene Arceo Press out of Chicago. Artists include:

Aguilar, Rosenda (Mexican); Akhmadeeva, Loulia (Russian); Alarcon, Carmen (Mexican); Anaya, Guadalupe (Mexican); Ando, Meiko (Japanese); Andreu, Jose (Puerto Rican); Arceo, Rene (Mexican); Barberena, Carlos (Nicaraguan); Bringas, Tomas (Mexican); Cajandig, Cahterine (American); Mora, Juan (Mexican-American); Garcia, Sal (Mexican-American); Guerrero, Juan (Mexican); Jaidinger, Judith (American); Keys, Beverly (American); Marichal, Poli (Puerto Rican); Mark, Rosanna (Italian-American); Mercado, Dolores (Mexican); Mocek, BettyAnn (Szeck-American); Nelson, Mark (American); Parker, Teresa (American); Pazaran, Antonio (Mexican-American); Plancarte, Francisco (Mexican); Sadowski, Marianne (Mexican-Polish); Salinas, Anna M. (Mexican-American); Santiago, Reynaldo (Puerto Rican); Serment L., Ricardo (Mexican-American); Soliz, Eva (Mexican-American); Suarez, Elisa (Mexican); Sykes, Ginny (American); Terrazas, Jose (Mexican); Varela, Benjamin (Puerto Rican); Warren, Maureen (American); Weber, John P. (American)


Via Sant'Egidio, 14
50122 Firenze, Italy
T/F 055 240 910

Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm
Saturday and Sunday, 1 - 7pm

Admission is free

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