Patricia Glee Smith

From 09-19-2013 To 10-28-2013


September 19 - October 28, 2013

Opening: Thursday, September 19 at 6pm

Patricia Glee Smith paints objects and the human form in quotidian situations. She explores an imagined inner life of familiar objects and a secret dialogue that takes place between them, all giving testimony to the journey of the artist and her personal experiences with her painted subjects.

My focus is on imperfect objects observed in moments of rest. I am interested in the timelessness of these bits and pieces and in beauty found in unexpected places, intrigued by the interconnectedness of all things. I take objects out of context and make them monumental.

Structure, surface and content are my primary concerns, my tools being color, light and form. I paint in oils, acrylic and egg tempera, on linen or wood panel. I work slowly, often using glazes: transparent layers of paint thinned with a medium, which build color and depth layer by layer. I work on one piece at time. As I work, the forms and colors develop slowly, almost independently. Sometimes what emerges is unexpected.

Patricia Glee Smith was born at Savanna, Illinois, USA. She studied fine arts (painting) at the University of Illinois at Urbana, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. In Italy, she studied etching at the Scuola del Libro in Urbino.

Smith has participated in exhibitions with etchings and paintings in institutions and galleries around Europe and the USA. She is a fellow at the MacDowell Foundation for writers and artists, and at the Ragdale Foundation in the USA. Smith has painted many trompe l'oeil murals in Europe and the USA, contributed drawings to the New Yorker Magazine for many years, worked with the National Museum of Oriental art of Rome since 1976 (as art director and science illustrator), and has worked as expedition artist in Turkey, the Yemen and Tibet.

She lives and works in Umbria, Italy


Patricia Glee Smith dipinge oggetti e la forma umana in situazioni quotidiane. Esplora una vita interiore immaginaria di oggetti familiari ed un dialogo segreto che si svolge tra loro, tutti dando testimonianza del cammino dell'artista e delle sue esperienze personali alle prese con i soggetti da lei dipinti.
Patricia Glee Smith è nata a Savanna, Illinois, USA. Ha studiato Belle Arti (pittura) presso la University of Illinois a Urbana, dove ha conseguito un Bachelor of Arts. In Italia, ha studiato incisione presso la Scuola del Libro di Urbino.
Smith ha partecipato a mostre con incisioni e dipinti in varie istituzioni e gallerie sia in Europa che negli Stati Uniti. E' una ricercatrice presso la Fondazione MacDowell per scrittori e artisti, e la Fondazione Ragdale negli Stati Uniti. Smith ha dipinto molti murales in stile trompe l'oeil in Europa e negli Stati Uniti, ha fornito disegni alla rivista the New Yorker Magazine per molti anni, ha lavorato con il Museo Nazionale di Arte Orientale di Roma dal 1976 (come art director e illustratrice scientifica), e ha lavorato come artista in spedizioni in Turchia, Yemen e Tibet.

Abita e lavora in Umbria.


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