Living Florence - The Tuscan Spring

From 11-02-2012 To 11-15-2012

Yoko Wakabayashi
Yoko Wakabayashi

Living Florence - The Tuscan Spring

Atmospheric Landscape: Watercolor Painting in Florence 

November 2 - 15. 2012

For some SACI students of The Art Students League of New York, Florence was recently a two-week painting odyssey en pleine aire that led to an immersion in the Florentine style of living, following in the footsteps of the exhibition Americans in Florence. Enchanted by secluded vistas of the city captured in Sargent’s watercolors and thinking of all the artists of the past who made the pilgrimage to the monuments of the Renaissance, so too our group felt inspired to paint and live art morning, afternoon and evening for two weeks straight.

Living Florence set out with a desire to blend the culture of its rich past with its present world in a quest for new personal growth for each artist. SACI’s introduction to many aspects of the city immersed the artists into this world with strong results. Each person delved into their strengths, developing their own, unique style of painting through ASL instructor and artist Naomi Campbell’s guidance. The results on these walls are a sampling of a way of life that grew into strong friendships that continue today.

Works here reflect a selection of outdoor painting sites that include: the Uffizi, the banks of the Arno River, the Duomo, Piazza SS. Annunziata, the Boboli Gardens, Fiesole, and the cemetery at San Miniato. Influenced by architectural greats such as Brunelleschi, and by a heavy saturation of sculpture and paintings left by patrons such as the Medicis, the distinct atmosphere of this unique city has left its mark in the work and the lives of each and every one in the group.

An extension of this exhibition traveled to The Art Students League of New York where it was exhibited during the month of September. This exhibit has moved on to the Salmagundi Center for American Art, New York City through the beginning of November.

Artists in exhibition include: Judith Benson, Kathleen Cornelius, Jerry Dinkin, Marsha Sheila Dorin, Amy Folstein, Steven Gifford, Deborah Jacobson, Olga Pizano, Alberto Rosello, Yoko Wakabayashi, and instructor, Naomi Campbell.

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