From 06-14-2012 To 06-22-2012


Exhibition by SACI Artist-in-Residence Sally Smith

June 14 – 22, 2012

Inauguration/Artist Presentation: Thursday, June 14, at 6:00pm

Painting en plein air wherever she is, Sally Smith often works in oils and pastels along coastal Carolina, the Blue Ridge Mountains and in Jackson Hole, Scotland, France, and Italy.  Seeking to reflect the revitalizing energy found in nature, she utilizes expressive color, light, and shape in a sometimes impressionistic style.

“There has always been something in the landscape and in people that fascinates and draws me.  I don’t know whether it is the fact the natural world and the forms that inhabit it, as opposed to manmade buildings and objects, are what we originally come from that speaks to me of some primitive belonging deep within,or whether it is the amazing sense of energy I feel coming from them — a battery charge constantly revitalizing and renewing itself.  My passion is not only to be out there feeling it, but to try to put down on canvas this celebration I feel —this vitality.  My paintings are based in reality but the focus is the energizing color, light and line that all fit together to express the wonder and mystery I feel as I paint them.

I am a serious painter. I try to paint at least some every single day and often paint for hours totally unaware of the time flying by.  I guess you would call it my bliss.  I guess you would also call it my attempt to open other people’s eyes to the realization that “we’re walking in a sea of miracles” that drives me to put myself out there.”

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Smith graduated from Duke University with a major in English and a focus in art.  Her works are included in corporate and private collections in over 175 cities across the United States and abroad.  She lives in Charleston with her husband and their four children.         



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