How to Prepare to Study at SACI

A detailed information brochure explaining how to prepare for your study term abroad and what to expect when you get to Florence. It includes information on medical care, housing, food, clothing, supplies and materials, telephones, books, and more

Pre-departure Orientation and Re-entry Support

SACI offers this guide to outline the cultural and professional support for students during pre-departure orientation and re-entry services to maximize the global-minded study abroad experience.

SACI Payment, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy

Please retain a copy of this policy for your records and check the box on the Confirmation of Enrollment form acknowledging you have read, understood, and agree to all terms stated on this form

Physician's Health Statement

Important medical and health information from your physician needed for our files

Promissory Note

For students receiving financial aid from their home school to pay for costs associated with attending SACI

Waiver - More than 90 days

Read this information if you will be studying at SACI more than 90 days (Fall and/or Spring Terms)

Waiver - Less than 90 days

Read this information if you will be studying at SACI less than 90 days (Late Spring and/or Summer Terms)

SACI Student Handbook

Essential information about SACI and Florence