Alumni Success stories

Zaria Forman

In April 2017, artist and SACI alum Zaria Forman (Spring 2004) was one of two artists featured in “Changing Minds about Climate Change,” an Articulate episode on PBS. Her work, large pastel drawings of glaciers and icebergs in Antarctica, explores some of the world’s most vulnerable and rapidly changing environments; the images are her way of freezing and stretching these breathtaking structures before they disappear. The icecaps can change significantly in as little as one week, so Zaria’s practice is truly an urgent one. She is one of many artists confronting the topic of our changing environment, using art to reflect upon this often-polarizing conversation. Watch the video to see Zara’s work and listen to her full interview.

Dimitri D'Ippolito

SACI Alum, Dimitri D’ippolito (Summer 2010, 2011) is an Italian/American photographer and a craftsman from Florence. He recently graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA Honors in Fine Arts Photography. Dimitri currently works for photographer Mark Power as a studio assistant. In 2016, Dimitri participated in 4 exhibitions in the UK (Ardesia Projects), Latvia (They are Not), Poland, and Canada. Dimitri's art concerns social issues in contemporary society and of past happenings that have an influence on our present. His bodies of work are often politically and satirically charged, as he works following the lines of socially responsible art. For more information about Dimitri’s work see his website:

Susan Schell

SACI Alumna, Susan Schell studied jewelry design and fine arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Studio Arts Centers International (2011/2012), and Parsons The New School of Design. She recently graduated from Parsons with a Bachelors in Fine Arts where her body of work focused on wearable sculpture and jewelry objects. Fascinated by rocks, minerals, gemstones, and shells, she has an assortment of gems and minerals that she has collected from her travels around the world. She now works as a jewelry and accessories designer in New York City. Incidentally, she is also a hand model, coveted by magazines like Vogue and Nylon for their editorials. How did her hand modeling career begin? "I honestly fell into hand modeling. People had often complimented or commented on my hands and nails but I never really thought of hand modeling as a legitimate career. My first real hand modeling experience was while we were shooting an editorial for the company I design jewelry at, Bobby Pin Jewelry, for TWELV Magazine. I got thrown into the shoot at the very last minute—they slapped a red nail on me and had me stand behind the model, covering her face with my hands adorned in numerous rings. It was a very Guy Bourdin inspired shoot. The shoot went really well and left me with some high quality pictures of my hands to send into an agent. I got signed with a parts agency and the rest is history." Find more information about Susan’s jewelerly design at and read about her hand modelling career at

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