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Donations & Gifts

Your contributions provide scholarships to talented students, help keep tuition down, and support special educational events and exhibitions, conservation projects, and upkeep of SACI’s historic Palazzo dei Cartelloni and the Jules Maidoff Palazzo for the Visual Arts in the heart of Florence. These are just a few of the ways your generous donations help SACI.

Ways to Give

As a donor, you can choose how your donations and gifts are assigned. You may leave your donation unrestricted or select a specific area or program to support. For more information, email us or call (212) 248-7225.

Donate now to support SACI students.

  • Scholarships

    Contribute to the SACI Scholarship Fund. Donations can be made through the SACI NY office.

  • Program & Department Funding

    Support a specific program or department at SACI. Your funding can help provide materials and equipment, field trips, project opportunities, and more.

  • Event & Exhibition Sponsorship

    SACI regularly hosts exhibitions in the SACI Gallery and Maidoff Gallery, as well as in galleries throughout Florence dedicated to showing artwork by local and international artists and SACI students and faculty members. Additional SACI events include both on and off-site symposiums, lectures, and graduate open studios.

    As an event or exhibition sponsor, your donation can help support installation and opening reception costs, catalogue production and printing, and related workshops and lectures. For more information on upcoming events visit our Events & Exhibitions page or email the SACI Gallery Coordinator.

  • In-Kind Donations

    Support SACI by directly donating items such as computers, software, books, studio and classroom supplies, and other equipment.

How to Give

Help support SACI by making a gift today. Studio Arts College International is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, and donations are fully tax-deductible. For more information, email us or call (212) 248-7225.

  • Donate Online

    Make your donation today through our secure online donation system with your Mastercard, Visa, or Discover credit card.

    Donate now to support SACI students.

  • Gifts by Check

    Checks can be made payable to SACI and should be sent to our New York office:

    454 W 19th St
    New York, NY 10011 

  • Gifts in Stock

    Many of SACI's alumni, parents, and friends of SACI find that donating stocks, bonds, and shares in mutual funds can lead to a gift much greater than individuals thought they could initially give. Gifts of appreciated securities not only provide financial support to SACI but also tax benefits to donors. If securities have been held for at least one year, the charitable tax deduction is the current fair market value. If the securities have appreciated, no capital gains tax on a gift will be incurred.

    Delivery Method – Electronic Delivery

    Sanford Bernstein & Co., LLC
    DTC # 013
    Account # 03785294
    Account Name: Studio Arts College International
    Delivery Method – Paper Certificates

    Every stock certificate has a "transfer form" printed on the back. If a donor has many stock certificates for the same company, it may be more convenient to sign a separate "Stock Assignment" form instead of signing each certificate individually. If shares of several companies are donated, a separate "transfer form" must be signed for each company.

    In the space following "I/we assign unto__________________," the donor should write "Studio Arts College International." In the signature block at the bottom of the form, the donor should sign his/her name exactly as printed on the face of the stock certificate. If shares are held in joint tenancy, both husband and wife must sign the form. It is not necessary to fill in any other information or to obtain a "signature guarantee."

    Because names of individual donors do not appear on our monthly broker statements, please let us know that you have made a transfer so we can ensure proper crediting of your gift.

  • Matching Gifts

    Thousands of companies across the United States match contributions that supplement employees' donations. Please check with the HR department at your company to take advantage of this great way to match, double, or triple your donation.

  • Planned Gifts

    For many alumni, parents, and friends of SACI, a planned gift illustrates their appreciation and commitment to our programs and their desire to provide stability and continuity to one of the finest art institutes. Make a provision in your will to benefit Studio Arts College International.

    In addition to supporting SACI, planned giving often provides significant financial benefits to the donor. These benefits include substantial tax deductions, income to donors or their loved ones, and other benefits available depending on a donor's circumstances and objectives.

    Designate a Planned Gift

    We invite you to contact us to discuss specific uses for your planned gift, such as naming opportunities and restricted funds. Unless you direct otherwise, your bequest to Studio Arts College International will become part of the Endowment Fund. The earnings from this fund will be used to support all aspects of the school's operations, while the endowment’s principal will remain in tact. In this way, your bequest will keep on supporting Studio Arts College International far into the future.

    For more information, email us or call (212) 248-7225.

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